WhatsApp calling feature coming to Windows Phone

If you are using WhatsApp on your Windows Phones, then get ready to enjoy the experience of making phone calls on a go via your favorite instant messaging space. The WhatsApp calling feature is expected to come soon to Windows Phones.

Earlier this year at MWC2015, the WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum revealed the plans of the company to add the voice services to its feature list. After rolling out this new functionality on the Android platform, the developers of WhatsApp are all set to showcase it to their Windows Phone users in the near future.

WhatsApp Calling feature for Windows Phone

According to an Italian website, the new voice calling feature will soon arrive on the Windows Phone platform, probably in the upcoming weeks. The email shown below from the WhatsApp team shows that the company is inviting the Italian developers to locate the menu items related to the new feature for Windows Phone. The text confirms that the feature will be soon headed to the WhatsApp Windows Phone version.

This new feature for VoIP calls will not only enables users to make voice calls over the Internet, but also allow them to access the history of incoming as well as outgoing calls. In order to enjoy this new feature, you might have to update your app to the stable version (without any bugs).

whatsapp calling

Following his announcement, Koum and his team has already rolled out the voice calling services for the Android devices and are testing the same for the iOS platform. The latest news even confirms the arrival of the service on Windows Phone devices soon to be followed by the BlackBerry.

WhatsApp is the popular instant messaging client and with the arrival of the voice-calling feature to Windows Phone devices it might impose tough challenge to the already existing services such as Skype and Viber.

At the moment, there are no confirmed details regarding the public release of the voice calling functionality on the WhatsApp for Windows Phone.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    I got an invite. But it was fake. I do see call button on whatsapp but I guess it will be a normal phone call. I will wait and see what happens. Not that I need the calling feature because I seldom make phone calls. But still, curiosity. 🙂

  2. Richard Rampersad


  3. dee

    Same here bro

  4. dee

    Sucks… When will windows get the first update??

  5. SSN

    When they release Win 10 mobile official .. 🙂 chill bro.. you cant have everything in life.

  6. dee

    When is it going to be officially released bro??

  7. John Abraham

    DUde…. Windows has the best platform than android.. Even a kid knows it. Just check the number of msgs whatsapp have received for getting the phone slow just because of the calling feature…

  8. Abhimanyushinde

    just update in windows phone all r eager about calling feature in Windows phine

  9. shubs

    well windows phone is best for children to play games n nothing else after 2months of usage I gave to my 5 yrs child to play with it

  10. Ikpegbu Ifeanyi

    When r they releasing windows 10.? Bcos I want to go get android right now but if its soon I’ll probably wait

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