WiFO increases WiFi speed by 10 times; employs LED for data transmission

A little more work in this area could change the way data is transmitted and increase not only data transmission speed but also can send data over long distances without having to use repeaters or boosters. Right now, the technology is able to combine with WiFi and increase its speed by 10 times.

WiFO will increase WiFi speed

WiFO - Increase WiFi speed

WiFO, as it is being called, employs LED light to transfer data. Data transmission has always relied on Radio Waves also known as RF (Radio Frequencies). The problem with Radio waves is that they are stopped by hard objects in their line, they fade out with distance and most important of all, pose health risks to people using them. If the WiFO based technology is enhanced, it would be able to use photons as carriers and it would be advantageous in every way.

WiFO is made possible due to the recent developments in the field of LED. The technology uses LEDs that are beyond the visual spectrum of humans. It can create a cone around one meter square field and then employs this LED light cone to transfer data from one place to another. The best thing is that it can be integrated with existing WiFi networks and thus, improves its speed by approx. 10 times.

The technology has been created by Thinh Nguyen and Alan Wang of Oregon State University and has been tested successfully. Right now, it is not possible to use WiFO separately as the LEDs would need to be installed every meter so that they don’t cut off data. This problem is worked around by combining WiFO (LED based data transmission) and normal WiFi. While the WiFi transfers data at regular speed, it is accelerated many times as it enters the one meter square created by LED light spectrums. This combination increases the speed of WiFi.

The technology can send over 100Mbps. Though some WiFi systems already provide such speeds, it becomes slower due to distribution of WiFi space among the users and devices. With WiFO in place, each user can still be using up to 50Mbps easily. That is, when the hybrid system is in place. When time comes for WiFO to replace WiFi, users will not feel any difference in the speed as there won’t be RF and instead, LED photonic light will be used.

The good news is, the WiFO technology is not too costly. It employs simple diodes that costs one dollar each.

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