Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to get a Privacy Enhancements

Microsoft has finally given a date to roll out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update announced in April. Windows 10 has been created focusing on flexible customization options. Now, the Fall Creators Update releasing on October 17th will come with some privacy enhancements.

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Privacy Enhancements in Windows 10

The Privacy part will have multiple ‘Learn more’ options to familiarize users with the enhanced privacy updates. With this new update coming this fall, users will have increased control over their privacy. They will also get to choose different privacy options for different apps. Hence, the privacy enhancement is not only more elaborate now, but also more flexible.

One major change this update will bring is easier access to the information about privacy. During the setup of the device, after each reboot, and after every new installation, users will get to see what information is shared and how much access to give.

There are two specific changes made to the privacy setup procedure. The first one is enabling users to have direct access to Microsoft’s Privacy Statement inside the setup procedure. The second change is that a new device setup will bring users to the ‘Learn More’ page for the privacy settings. Here the users can go to specific settings and customize them for location, diagnostics, speech recognition, and most importantly, ads. Users can use tailored experiences to make the privacy settings work better for them.

With the new Privacy Enhancement in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, users will be able to make informed decisions regarding data shared and privacy on their device and individual apps. Users will get to set application controls to choose which apps can access the location, camera, contacts, and other data in the device. Users will also get to limit diagnostic data for Windows Analytics.

The one little problem with this whole super customizable deal is that users will see more of those prompts for every new app or update installed. Windows will seem to function a little more like Android in this respect. That could be something people easily get used to, but that could also be something that people find annoying. How this goes down with Windows 10 users can only be known post-October 17th.

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  1. jjstccean

    All privacy options should be disabled during the installation and any updates of Windows 10. No matter how easy it might be to deal with it is a right royal pain!

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