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Google makes accessing Privacy Controls easier

After the outrage over information leak by social media giant Facebook, all IT companies which collected data started working towards making privacy controls more accessible for end users. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. made privacy controls accessible to users. However, they […]

Microsoft releases new Privacy Tools for Windows 10 users

Microsoft has announced new privacy tools for Windows 10 users that will allow you to find out how much data Windows 10 is sending back to Microsoft. At this juncture, the tool is available for Windows Insiders and will soon […]

Windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to get a Privacy Enhancements

Microsoft has finally given a date to roll out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update announced in April. Windows 10 has been created focusing on flexible customization options. Now, the Fall Creators Update releasing on October 17th will come with […]

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Microsoft to bring transparency & specify what data it collects

The biggest Windows 10 update for this year is almost here with Creators Update set to roll out starting April 11. However, Creators update is just not about new features, as Microsoft is set to introduce new privacy enhancements and […]


US Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web Browsing History to Advertisers

The Internet Service Providers can now send your personal data curtly to the advertisers without your permission and you literally can’t do anything about it. So, killing the Obama-era privacy regulations, the US Senate has voted to let the ISPs […]

Windows 10 Creators Update

New Privacy changes and Settings coming to Windows 10 Creators Update

With a view of allowing users more control over their privacy settings, Microsoft announced yesterday the new Privacy changes and Settings coming to Windows 10 Creators Update. Microsoft said that the New Privacy changes are aimed at providing clear choices […]

Address Windows 10 privacy concerns, else face a backlash, says EFF

Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS comes with a lot of new features and latest technological advancements. Microsoft’s goal about its latest OS is that by 2018, at least a billion devices would be running Windows 10. To attain this goal, Microsoft […]

Windows 10 by 10

French Commission orders Microsoft to stop tracking Windows 10 users

France’s National Data Protection Commission has issued a stern notice to Microsoft over excessive user tracking on Windows 10. The governing body has asked the IT giant to stop collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without their consent. […]

Microsoft to fix Edge Private Browsing bug

Microsoft Edge Private Browsing isn’t private says Forensic Focus! Microsoft’s Edge browser is not considered dependable in terms of privacy. A recent report posted by the investigation firm Forensic Focus, Edge web browser stores all your browsing data in a […]

Windows 10 data collection cannot be stopped: Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10 data collection is something that cannot be stopped. This report comes days after Microsoft announced that it will aggressively push Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users in the future. In an […]

Windows 7

Telemetry and Data Collection Updates come to Windows 7/8

After Windows 10 was found to be guilty of transferring a constant stream of information to Microsoft servers, it looks like Windows 7 and Windows 8 users won’t be spared either.  Ghacks reports that Windows 7 and 8 users who […]

Microsoft patents “Private Display” to block prying eyes

In what could be a major relief to computer users, Microsoft has come up with a screen that will allow only users looking straight at it to view the display contents. Often, when you are computing in public – whether […]

Facebook invading Privacy, Tracks all visitors in breach of EU Law

According to a news report, Facebook installs cookies on the users’ computers and tracks their internet use, even after the user has logged out, opted out of tracking or deleted the Facebook account Facebook, like any other website, does this […]

EU takes a step further to kill Privacy on the Internet

Privacy has been an issue all along past many decades, especially since Google started sneaking into what you are searching on the Internet. In an age where people are concerned more about their privacy than ever, law makers and law […]

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Microsoft takes pledge to safeguard student privacy data

Security is always a matter of concern, no matter whether you are working in an organization or completing graduation as a student. You would never want your data to be exposed to the rest of the world no matter whether […]


China blocks DuckDuckGo, the private search engine

After Google, it’s DuckDuckGo that has been blocked by China. DuckDuckGo, a privacy focused search engine that protects user’s privacy by not tracking their searches, has been blocked by China, as per the tweet posted by its CEO and founder […]


DuckDuckGo, the private search engine, brings in amazing features

DuckDuckGo, the one of its kind search engine, just got loaded with terrific features.  The search engine that does not believe in tracking users and storing their information has bought in major improvements in design and search tools.  This Tuesday, […]

TorSearch, an anonymous search engine launched

Tor, known for its anonymizing tool with the same name and Tor Browser, has launched a new search engine. The search engine is called TorSearch, and it is all about letting people find for things without worrying about getting tracked. […]


AVG launches PrivacyFix Privacy Settings app for Crowd Control at social sites

The ever-increasing traffic on social sites means that users will be uploading more personal information in the form of pictures, whereabouts, work profiles, relationship status, etc. onto the internet. More the information, the greater would be the risk that you […]

ICO Asks Google to Amend Google Privacy Policies, Again

Earlier, ICO or Information Commissioner’s Office along with five other European agencies had investigated Google over privacy policies to check if the advertising major was breaking regional laws. Following the investigation, ICO had requested Google to remove any remaining payload […]

Apple states its position on the PRISM program

In a recent post on Apple’s official website, the company has stated that the media reports which stated that the US government had unrestricted access to its data are false. According to the announcement, Apple Corporation clearly stated that it did […]