Windows 10 November Update version 1511 is now available again via WU, MCT, Tech Bench

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  1. Doe this mean that those of us that have already downloaded the November 10 update need to download it once again?

  2. This whole update confuses me

    Windows update panel states “updates are available” detail
    cumulative updates win 10 version 1511 x64 base kb3120677

    Advanced options/ update history kb3106246 & kb3103688
    successful on 11/18, so should I download Th2 kb3120677 from Tech Bench?

  3. I was referring to the iso image if one wanted to do a clean install, can we use the image that we downloaded that was originally offered a couple of weeks ago or the new image?

  4. Ed
    I think it does as the previous ISO didcould not updateinstall on my laptop. So, for me at least, this will mean another full download of the ISO. I would assume that others will be in the same position.

    Short answer = yes.

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