Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK for Developers

The rollout of much awaited Windows 10 free upgrade from Microsoft has started from yesterday (July 29) across 190 countries. Along with the public roll out, the company made an official announcement that both Windows 10 and related developer tools are now available for use in a production environment. This marks a huge milestone for Windows developers as they can now start building apps for Windows 10 officially.

Windows 10 SDK for Developers

Windows 10 SDK
Windows developers can get started with Windows 10 development with these three steps:

  • Developers who are not on Build 10240 can update their PC to latest Windows 10 today
  • Download and install Visual Studio 2015 which comes with the Windows 10 SDK, emulator, and tools
  • Learn what Windows 10 has in store to provide better engagement for users

In the past, Microsoft has provided few preview releases of the Windows 10 SDK for more than half a million developers who installed the SDK and provided the feedback for the betterment of these tools.

In the case if you are using a PC which has Windows 10 Build 10240, it means you are already having the latest version of Windows. If you are currently not on Windows 10 and want to expedite the upgrade, do visit

The latest SDK available marks the final version of the Windows 10 developer tooling. The latest update to Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10 SDK provide everything a developer needs to build, debug, and submit apps to run on any Windows device that runs on Universal Windows Platform.

Developers having the Visual Studio 2015 RTM installed is required to go back to the installer and check the “Universal Windows App Development Tools” and then click “Next” in order to install. For those who are on RC version of Visual Studio, installing the RTM version is the right thing to do.

Windows Store is open for submissions

The all new Windows Store is accepting Windows 10 app submissions – one can start submitting their updated Windows 10 apps and games. Windows Store brings a new Store experience, improved discoverability and the unified Store front making developers life easy. The new Windows Store comes with popular applications like Candy Crush Saga, MineCraft, etc.

To get started with Windows 10 development download the latest Windows 10 SDK tools.

For more information on Windows 10 developer tooling read this Windows blog.

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