Windows 10 will be its last operating system, says Microsoft

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  1. I think they’re going to do what Adobe does. When you get Adobe Creative Cloud, you get whatever the current version of their software is. This enables them to support updates and features for the newest version of their software rather than worrying about long-term support for old releases.

  2. Per reports, it is clear that Windows 10 will be supported forever as it will be the last in the series and they need to keep it secure. So updates will always be there until something changes Microsoft’s mind.

  3. That is really going to push more people to use Linux than could ever have been imagined. A wise move, microsoft, good luck ;))

  4. In the past I have always purchased the RETAIL versions of Windows as in IMO this is [for me] the most cost effective way. By doing it this way I have always had the ability to remove the OS(s) from one PC and install it onto another newly built or changed hardware PC.

    Going onto a subscription basis will make me think twice about Windows 10. I believe that MS [on a subscription basis] will tie the subscription to one PC [just as present OEM versions are] and a new subscription will be needed for each new PCHardware setup and do away with retail versions. This would increase my costs and this I am not happy about. But as has been said it depends on how MS decides to charge for subscriptions. But they will have to tread lightly so as not to antagonise lot of folks

    If MS goes the way I think they will I will once again seriously begin to contemplate continuing with present OS’s [Vista, 7 and 8.1] and as support winds down from them move over to Linux. That once again depends on MS’s new secure boot system and wonder if they will make it easy to install Linux [or other OS’s]. At the moment it seems that MS is trying its best to make it difficult for other OS’s to be installed onto new PC’s. So I guess, like all of us, it is still a wait and see period as to MS actual way forward.

  5. The collection cost will be high for subscription model. The revenue and net profit will drop. It is the nightmare for PC manufacturers too. Pre-load Linux and pre-load Android will come up to replace pre-load Windows. Free upgrade for Win 7 and 8 are not attractive since a lot of users are still using Win XP. Subscription model will be a killer to Microsoft Windows.

  6. If what Microsoft said is true, then I would be willing to wager, this direction taken by Microsoft would open the doors to other industries to jump in and try to be their replacement. We may, at this time, be the leader, but the USA certainly doesn’t hold a Patent on OS technology.

    I can see it now. New, and now available at Newegg, the new OS by Honda Technology Systems. On sale now at it’s introductory low price of $99.99 for the basic version, $144.99 for the Ultra Pro and for $225 you can be the first on your block to get the latest in OS technology with the 128 bit Starlight Ultimate.

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