Microsoft highlights Windows 8.1 client security features

Windows 8.1 seems to be focusing a lot on the client security features as it has a lot to offer the consumers, in terms of a secured OS. Information security is the key criteria for a customer while choosing an OS and following are the features, which makes Windows 8.1 a fully secure OS.


Windows 8.1 client security features

In a separate blog post on TechNet, the key features in the Windows 8.1 client have been highlighted:

Encryption of Drives: Windows 8.1 has its device domain-join at x86/x64, the admin benefits from the encryption for the main OS drives, which includes the fixed data drives and will get turned on by default.

Assigned Access: Better known as the kiosk mode, Assigned Access is a feature which will eventually lock the device to a single application, accessible by a regular user. I order to disable this functionality; the user has to simply press the Windows logo, five times in a row.

Biometric Recognition: With a fingerprint registration process, Windows 8.1 allows the user to login with its in-built fingerprint reader. It can be enabled by going to the PC Settings >> Accounts >> Sign in options, once when the required drivers are already installed on the system.

Malware Protection: The Windows Defender also keeps a check on the network behavior monitoring, which helps in detection and puts a stop to the execution of known & unknown malware. Before any harmful code gets executed, IE will scan all the binary extensions (like ActiveX), with the help of the antimalware solution present in Windows 8.1.

Support for Virtual Smartcard: This is one of the greatest security features in 8.1, where the users don’t have to use the physical smartcard every single time they wish to log in. moreover, what makes this feature exclusive in 8.1 is that most of the devices at present come with an integrated smartcard reader. However, this feature was also supported by Windows 8; some additional APIs have made the enrollment process much more simplified in Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has earlier, on their website, already detailed the security improvements made in Windows 8.1.

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