Windows 8? Customers are just upgrading to Windows 7, says Dell !

This might come as news but in a surprise revelation, Dell stated that corporate customers are right now upgrading to Windows 7. And Windows 8? Well it still is a far cry, says Dell!


During its Earnings Conference call, Brian T. Gladden – Chief Financial Officer, Dell made a statement about Windows 7 being the primary operating system at desktops/laptops in the industry with a majority of the users adopting it just now.

“I think you continue to see Win 7 on the commercial side of the business. It’s driving a refresh cycle. Windows 8 has been from our standpoint, not necessarily the catalyst to drive accelerated growth that we had hoped it would be.” – Brian T. Gladden, Chief Financial Officer for Dell.

This implies that majority of the commercial Dell customers are presently using either Windows XP/ Windows Vista and are in the transition phase to Windows 7 right now. Windows 8 is very far in the picture and may not be in the upgrade path for consumers very soon.

This might come as a shocker for many as Dell has been pretty fore-front in releasing new Windows 8-powered devices in the market but when it comes to its own consumers, Windows 8 is just not in the picture.

It was also revealed that Windows 8 wasn’t instrumental in driving sales for Dell as the PC giant hoped it to be. Windows 8 was launched on October 26, 2012 with much fanfare and has had its own share of praises and brickbats. For some, it works as a charm on both PCs and tablets while its only tablets for others. Many are still to take the jump and the native absence of the characteristic Start Button is proving to be a major hindrance.

How is Windows 8 working for you?

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