Windows 8? Customers are just upgrading to Windows 7, says Dell !

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  1. I’ve installed Windows 8 from the RTM day on all my machines and I work very well with it. Customers are too “lazy” sometimes, but I think that Windows 7 is the new XP 🙂 For new devices Windows 8 will become a must!

  2. I installed Windows 8 on my two computers. On the desktop it was gone in three days not only because I hated Metro but also because it was incompatible with my software. On my laptop it is still installed only because I don’t have a time to re install Windows 7 right now. I hate the Metro UI designed for dummies. Can’t stand it even for a second. Because of that I do not buy a single application that suppose to run on Metro UI. I refuse to buy Microsoft tablet or phone. It is like in the 90’s with GM cars. The Windows 8 devices are not even on my radar screen. I predict that Windows 8 on mobile devices will be a major flop so the whole exercise will turn out to be idiotic move on Microsoft side that only annoyed majority of PC users. If Windows blue will not bring complete start menu and will not disable all the crapola of active corners, charms etc. I will either install back Windows 7 or one of those aftermarket applications that disable Metro completely.

  3. Thank you, Juan Fiueroa, for saving my having to write it.

    Lazy. Ha! Gimmee a break. Vita Macina must work for Microsoft; either that, or he’s its blindly-loyal shill.

    Lazy. Hmph. I don’t even know where to BEGIN with how insulting that is.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  4. According to his own Facebook site Vito is an award winning Microsoft Ambassador. All MS shills usually write the same stuff, it’s easy to identify them.

  5. Most who downgrade to W7 are kind of lazy.
    They are used to the old system, they have a feeling that they are IT-Pro’s
    They are the local Computer specialist, and have a high rank.
    But all they are are “monkey see, monkey do”
    They do what they have been taught from the start, and use it to impress their surroundings.
    Now the final test challenge them on their knowledge, are they also able to use their old knowledge under different presentation, are they able to adapt to a new interface, and not only that, can they manage 2 interfaces at the same time.

    And here we separate the true IT-Pro form the wannabe.

    And what happens, they face a challenge, a challenge they have to manage to keep their reputation as IT-Pros, a task they are unable to overcome.

    What do they do?

    They tell their flock that W8 is a bad system that it is not working well, why do it start up in the Metro(Modern UI), the lack of the Start menu.

    A really sorry excuse for their own lack of true IT knowledge, and ability to learn something new, and not just use what they have once learned.

    To throw away the best system ever, just because they do not know how to manage that is sad.

    So what if they have to press [Windows]+[D] when they are logged in.

    I know it is a hard task to press two keys at the same time, but try it, it is not that difficult.

    And finally if it is so hard, then install classic shell, and return to the throne.

  6. I upgraded my desktop from XP to Win 8 and I’ve never really had any real trouble. Our 6 year old daughter loves it and prefers it to Win 7 that’s on my laptop. She has her own area and knows where the menu’s are hiding and how to get them to show, closes app’s that she’s finished with by dragging them to the bottom of the screen (she found this out before me from a tutorial video someone posted LOL). I have a Lumia 800 mobile with Win 7.8 and find Windows 8 quite easy and app updating is extra fast and shows app’s needing an update, unlike other versions of windows where you have to check for you own software updates (apart from MS Windows and other certain MS software that is updated every so often).
    Yes! like others I have noticed a couple of little niggles, but nothing that I cannot see being fixed in future updates. The one main thing that annoyed me was when I purchased Window 8, I also requested the FREE licence for Media Centre and never, ever received the code and also never received a reply from MS when I contacted them over the matter.
    Upgrading I think depends on the needs of the person using the computer and if the software they’ve paid for will work on the new version. Some companies spend a fortune on software and if not compatible with the new version, they will stick with a version it will work with. This is the reason I only upgraded my desktop and left my laptop running Win 7.

  7. @jensenjs: I am an IT pro… a real one, not a simple user wanna be. I’ve got pushing 40 years in it, and I’ve FORGOTTEN more than most people will ever know about IT. Moreover, I’ve never done “monkey see, monkey do” in my life; and am widely written about second-rate hacks in the alleged computer support/repair departments of big-box stores who’d rather just re-install Windows than hunt-down the real problem. And, trust me, I am not lazy.

    And this IT pro says that Windows 8 is a debacle; and that people like you and Vito (as if you weren’t one-in-the-same) are just parrots, apologists and shills for a horrible company (Microsoft) that obviously has you brainwashed.

    Get a clue. What you don’t know about user interface, and the right way for a company like Microsoft to behave would fill a book… albeit a bad one.

    And before you assume that I’m one of the “lazy” ones who downgraded to Win7, I’ve got Win8 on my desktop replacement notebook, and it’s on my wife’s new Dell tablet. I’ve also got running machines, in this room, where I’m sitting, with every Microsoft OS going back to MS-DOS. And three are two Mac in here, stinkin’-up the place, too. Believe me, I know Windows, and I know a mistake, in Windows 8, when I see one.

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

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