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Dell SupportAssist Tool leaves PCs vulnerable

If you are using the latest Dell laptops or the PCs, just be careful of using the Dell SupportAssist Utility. This pre-installed utility reportedly exposes your machines to a remote attack wherein the hackers can execute remote code in the […]

New Alienware gaming desktops and Dell gaming monitors announced

Alienware, the computer hardware subsidiary of Dell has come up with its latest range of devices for gamers. No matter you are a beginner of an experienced avid gamer, you now have a wide range of products to choose from. […]

Dell announces new XPS and Inspiron laptops in new color variants

Dell Electronics, today, announced the launch of their newest upgrade to the popular XPS and Inspiron laptop series. The new laptops will come with Windows 10 out of the box, along with some other improved specifications. Dell XPS to come […]

Dell unveils Windows 10 Inspiron 2-in-1 laptops at Computex 2016

Computex, the international information technology event is basically focused on computers. While many computer hardware companies revealed their upcoming machines and devices at Computex 2016, Dell has some wonderful Windows 10 machines for students, aspiring entrepreneurs and families at a […]

Want an Oculus Rift? Get it for $200 off from Dell

The Oculus Rift is an expensive piece of technology, yet we know you’re interested nonetheless. So here’s the thing, for those who are looking to pick up the Rift and a new computer to go with it, we suggest taking […]


Rogue Certificate eDellRoot found installed on new Dell laptops

It’s not uncommon to see laptop manufacturers try to make an extra buck by preinstalling the system with malware and the best example for this was the Superfish debacle by Lenovo. This time around Dell seems to have done the […]


Dell to buy EMC for $67 billion

Dell Inc. recently announced its biggest acquisition ever. As per the recent announcement made by the computer manufacturer, the company is all set to buy the data storage company EMC Corp. for $67 billion. Michael Dell, founder of the company […]

Dell brings Windows 10 to life with new XPS devices

Dell has always been one of the preeminent PC makers to ship the Windows PCs. Now when more than 110 million PCs are running Windows 10, Dell has come up with an official release of its new range of XPS […]


Dell and HP to sell and service Surface Pro tablets

Microsoft is planning to expand the distribution of its Surface tablet to get more of such devices on the office desks and help it promote the growth of its established business. To this effect, the software giant has partnered with […]

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Dell Support Tool which put PCs at Risk; has finally been patched

A flawed Dell support tool could potentially be used by cybercriminals to compromise the system. The vulnerability was found by Tom Forbes, a security engineer, when he reverse engineered the code to see where it lead. He found that any […]

Dell announces new Windows 8.1 tablets and XPS laptops

Dell yesterday announced new additions to its notebook and tablet line-up in an event in New York. Starting with its quad-core XPS 15.6 UltraSharp QHD+, Dell introduced a bunch of new XPS 11, XPS 13, and XPS 15 Laptops. Built […]

Windows 8? Customers are just upgrading to Windows 7, says Dell !

This might come as news but in a surprise revelation, Dell stated that corporate customers are right now upgrading to Windows 7. And Windows 8? Well it still is a far cry, says Dell! During its Earnings Conference call, Brian […]

Microsoft provides a $2 billion loan to support Dell

Microsoft has agreed to provide a loan of $2 billion to Dell group to help it go private. The sole reason behind getting Dell private is to help the firm, not gain an equity stake or operational control over its […]

Microsoft may invest up to $3 billion in Dell

Dell Inc. the American multinational computer technology corporation is ­feeling poorly and looking for private companies to regain its strength. The American business news channel CNBC reported that Microsoft may invest $1 to $3 Billion in Dell buyout helping the […]

Dell Scraps Android Smartphones for Windows 8 Tablets

Michael Dell – the Founder of Dell, previously hinted that the company was planning to drop Android in favor of Windows 8. We see that coming to be true. The company as our sources report isn’t planning on returning to the Android […]

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Dell launches XPS 15z, the thinnest 15′ Windows laptop

Dell has announced XPS 15z laptop, the the thinnest 15” PC in the world.  The laptop has unmatched sophistication. Its rounded contours and precision-crafted lines give XPS 15z the illusion of floating just above every surface. It also features a […]

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Dell Says, No More Windows XP After 22nd October

Windows XP has been one  of the best selling Operating Systems after Windows 7 from Microsoft. It had a successful run for many a years. Even after the launch of its successor Windows Vista, there was still a great demand […]

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Ultra-thin Dell Inspiron M101z laptop launched in the US

Dell has launched its ultra-thin Inspiron M101z laptop  in 4 colors in the US. The Dell  Inspiron  M101z is perfect for at home or on the go with the performance of a laptop and the portability of a netbook.

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Dell Inspiron R laptops now available in the US

Dell today announced the Inspiron R series of entry-level laptops. The Inspiron brand is Dell’s most affordable and most popular line. Today’s refresh brings three new models with four new colors to the lineup, as well as Adamo-inspired design choices, […]