Windows Phone owners are more privacy-conscious than Android and iPhone users

Smartphone users are getting smarter and its good indeed. The result of a recent survey conducted by Lookout’s Privacy Zeitgeis shows that British people are much concerned about the privacy settings on their mobile phones. The survey was done over a 1,000 Smartphone users in the UK.privacy_zeitgeist

The report further states that the Windows Phone users in the UK are more careful than the Android and iPhone users when it comes to the privacy of their personal data stored in their Smartphones.

“Windows Phone owners are much more privacy conscious than Android and iPhone users-41% always consider their mobile privacy when using their handsets, compared with 26% for both Android & iPhones.”

Windows Phone users in Britain do not wish to take any chance with their privacy and are not willing to share their personal data via their mobile apps in return of the cheap tailored services. However the younger generation i.e. people of age group 18-34 is pretty comfortable sharing their personal data for the cheap services as compared to the users of age 55 and above.

Smartphones these days are not just limited to make calls or send messages, but people mostly use them for online shopping, sending and receiving emails, make online transactions and much more. Hence, it becomes very important to be watchful while adjusting the privacy settings in your Smartphone.

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  1. Ankit Gupta

    They could have reported the insights why Windows Phone users are conscious.

  2. Arun Kumar

    I use an Android phone but am as privacy concerned. I use a VPN and locks for SMS, Whatsapp etc in addition to lock screen. I also keep junk out using Mobile Care from iobit. I tried CCleaner for Android but it is a resource hog.

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