Windows Store crosses more than 20K Windows 8 apps…or is it 13K?

It’s been exactly a month since Windows 8 was launched publicly for consumers all over the world and has had a steady run when sales figures are considered. However, much before the launch date, developers were busy burning the midnight oil and creating apps for the rechristened Windows Store which can later be downloaded and run on Windows 8 / Windows RT devices.

A few days ago, WinAppUpdate, who does an independent analysis of the Windows Store, tweeted about the number of total apps having been crossed the 20,000 mark:

But surprisingly, McAckins who also runs a similar tracker portal reports that only 13,700+ apps are available for download in the Windows Store till date.

According to McAckins:

WinAppUpdate ‘uses a process that is external to the Store client, which retrieves all apps submitted to Microsoft. But not Apps submitted are immediately available, they have to go through certain qualification process that takes time before they are published to the general public to be available for download’.

The difference of apps between these two reports is visible to users when they turn off localization through Store settings.

There might be 13,700+ apps in the Windows Store at the moment but there is no denying the fact that Microsoft has been pushing hard to get more apps on the Windows Store by encouraging developers to sweat it out through various Dev events like WOWZAPP, Hackathons, etc. The recently conducted Windows AppFest at Bengaluru, India was another example where a record 2567 developers gathered at a single place and worked on creating not just Windows apps but also a Guinness World Record!

Thirteen thousand apps or twenty thousand apps, one thing is for sure: Windows 8 is definitely getting all the attention around.

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