XAML Studio will help you prototype UWP XAML faster

Microsoft is always looking out to empower the developers. They do not only concentrate on building tools for people who work on a specific technology, but they have also been bringing in great tools for every kind of developer. With Visual Studio Code, they bought a new lightweight and flexible IDE to build a variety of applications like web applications and writing scripts, with the GitHub acquisition, they have been working hard and making it even better with new features and opportunities for developers to do more. Windows Community Toolkit is a great example of the new release we are talking about.

Microsoft Garage has today announced their latest UWP Application called XAML Studio.

XAML Studio

XAML Studio

This application with help the developers to rapidly prototype their XAML Code in real time. The application will help the developers to preview their XAML Code and interact with the output as if it is running in a real application and make the necessary changes.

Some of the features of XAML Studio include the following,

  • Live Binding and Debugging.
  • Data Context Editor.
  • IntelliSense.
  • Data Context Editor.
  • Namespace Helpers.
  • Documentation Toolbox
  • A live and interactable preview window.
  • Alignment Guides.

In the description of the application, Microsoft says,

“XAML Studio also includes a suite of tools to help you develop. Provide Data Context to your UI to fill it with static test data or live data from a JSON REST API. Then use our revolutionary binding debugging to not only see how a back-end data source connects to the front-end UI, but spot where errors are occurring and what the most recent values were.”

The desired and perfect code can be copied to Visual Studio once it looks like what the developer wanted it to be.

If you want to give this new UWP Application a spin, you can find it on the Microsoft Store here.

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