Yahoo Mail Classic to shut down; new version to introduce automated content scanning

Here is an important news for the users of Yahoo! Mail. From today, i.e. June 3rd, 2013 onwards, older versions of Yahoo Mail will be discontinued. This discontinuation also consists of Yahoo Mail Classic. This doesn’t mean that the users cannot use Yahoo Mail at all, but they need to upgrade Yahoo Mail to the new version. Only then, they will be allowed to access their emails. All users of Yahoo Mail are informed about this new change through their Yahoo Mail accounts.

Yahoo Mail

Some may find this as a forceful action, while some may be fine with the upgraded version. Whatever may be the reaction; users will have to accept the new terms of the email service provider under which,  the content of all the incoming and outgoing communication will be scanned.

Yahoo! Help mentions that,

 “When you upgrade, you will be accepting our Communications Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This includes the acceptance of automated content scanning and analyzing of your communications content, which Yahoo! uses to deliver product features, relevant advertising, and abuse protection.”

However, there is little relief for the users from these new ‘terms and conditions’. When you upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail, Yahoo will scan your mail contents and display relevant ads.However, if the user doesn’t want these ads to be shown, he can opt out of this facility using “Ad Interest Manager” by changing the settings any time.

What if you don’t want to use new Yahoo Mail

Those who don’t want any intrusion in their privacy due to the automated content scanning; they can choose one of the two options. Users can download the Yahoo! Mail using IMAP. With the help of IMAP, they can access their emails from other email programs like Mobile device apps, Mac Mail or Outlook and the data can be downloaded to their PC. The other option is to close Yahoo! Mail itself! To continue to access the Yahoo Mail Classic you can visit this link.

Along with the shutdown of Yahoo! Mail Classic, the subscription for ‘Mail Plus’ accounts will also be cancelled and the users will be refunded the amount of unused portion.

Yahoo! is certainly determined to bring new changes and making its users to follow the same.

Let us know your reaction on these new policies by Yahoo! Mail as a user!

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