Yahoo’s latest refresh promises a faster, safer, easier to use Yahoo Mail

Yahoo today announced the latest version of Yahoo! Mail and it will be available for all its 284 million users world-wide. This latest iteration promises to give a seamless experience across PC’s, mobile devices and Tablets.

Here are some of the new features which have been introduced:

  • Leveraging Yahoo!’s cloud technology, Yahoo! Mail provides performance that is 2x faster than the previous versions of Yahoo! Mail
  • You can now customize your experience by choosing from around 50 themes and stationery options.
  • The quick reply feature lets you type out a response without having to click a Reply button
  • It now lets you quickly respond to messages from Facebook, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Mail and other webmail providers with a new easy reply bar.
  • Its Advanced SpamGuard technology and a new anti-phishing platform have reduced spam reports by 60 percent and help protect users from email hackers and unwanted instant message conversations.
  • New applications let you track your online orders with the All My Purchases app, stop receiving unwanted newsletters using the Unsubscriber app, and send mega files using Attach Large Files by YouSendIt.

If you want to upgrade your existing Yahoo! Mail account, login in to your account and click on the ‘Upgrade Now’ button.

Given this major refresh, do you plan to try out the new Yahoo Mail? Or are you happy with your current mail provider?

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  1. harris

    first of all, let me say what a great site you have…now to my rant…perhaps the “seamless experience” promised by yahoo will be seamless if one does not use opera (v11.11) as your browser. when i went to try the latest version of yahoo mail i was told to switch my browser. maybe i should switch back to internet explorer 6. also, i am curious as to whether the new version allows you to collect yahoo mail in an e-mail client or do you still have to use something like yPops to import ones yahoo mail…harris

  2. Nathan Lee

    2X faster. Really? Yahoo always says that.

  3. James M singleton

    I am totally done with Yahoo!. Yahoo! Site Search was removed from my website and my Yahoo! bookmark was deleted. The reason is that Yahoo! requires a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription for email forwarding and that is a deal-breaker. You have to try Windows Live Mail. It is as advanced as the Project Phoenix by AOL Mail.

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