Your Windows 10 Upgrade could even take weeks, says Microsoft

If you are still waiting for your free Windows upgrade, sit back and relax, it might take a few more days or even weeks, says Microsoft. While more than 60 million machines are already running the upgraded latest Windows 10 operating system, many users are still waiting for their free upgrade, despite of reserving the free upgrade.

Windows 10 PC

Microsoft started rolling out the upgrade right on July 29th as promised, but as the upgrade is rolling gradually, it may take some time to reach every user. As a matter of fact, the upgrade is being launched for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users in phases. Reportedly, the upgrade s first offered to users who tested the beta versions of Windows 10.

The official Microsoft blog states,

“You’re part of the largest software upgrade event ever and we’re managing it so everyone has a great experience. Your notification to upgrade could come as soon as a few days or weeks”.

If you are a Windows 10 enthusiast and don’t really want to wait for weeks, you can download the Windows 10 ISO and upgrade your PC. This tool is simple and lets you download and install the latest operating system in multiple machines simultaneously.

While Windows 10 is said to be the best ever operating system released by Microsoft it still might have some small bugs and issues. The company is working hard to fix the issues and give you a smooth and better experience.

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  1. Mick

    still waiting here……….

  2. Dan

    My 8.1 upgrades started midnight PDT Thursday 30 July 2015; Windows 7 was available as of 3AM PDT Friday 31 July 2015…just over an hour for 8.1 upgrade to download then turn into Windows 10; on Windows 7 Home Premium version, slightly smaller upgrade download size, took one hour to download then assess system, then took one hour to install. No problems whether on Dells or Acers or other.

  3. Nice

    60 million already … gosh… ms is actually making waves!!!

  4. You need two pieces of software to accelerate this process. The first is a partition editor – I used Acronis Disk Director, the second is the Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool (32 bit and 64 bit versions), which is available for download from their site. Enlarge your reserved system partition to anything above 350 megabytes – the default for Windows 7 is 100 megabytes. Once this is done, run the Media Creation Tool and select the “Upgrade this PC now” option. An hour later, you’ll have a shiny, new Windows 10 OS like me. Very good it is too.

  5. Alberto Gorin

    am not in a hurry used technical beta version upgrade evry time its right now full activated

  6. erdelf

    I am an insider but my second pc is still not receiving the upgrade
    and the media creation kit failed eighteen times already

  7. What size is your reserved system partition? It must be bigger than 350 megabytes.

  8. erdelf

    200 gigabytes should be enough

  9. vasudevG

    The GWX screen also says : “…..Your notification to upgrade could come as soon as a few days or weeks”

  10. That’s probably your OS boot partition. The system reserved partition is different.

  11. erdelf

    Oh I am sry.
    I thought you meant that…
    how can the system reserved partition be bigger than 100 mb ?

    I mean.. it is automatically made with 100 mb and I am failing to enhance it

  12. It defaults to 100 mb, but it can be any size you want it to be. Use a partition editor, but be sure to remove the assigned partition letter (e.g. d:) when you reboot. I used Acronis Disk Director, but any reputable partition editor should do the trick.

  13. erdelf

    Ok thanks
    I will try it

    Is there any reason or logic behind this requirement ?

  14. I found it on the Microsoft Technet discussion site, but there was no explanation for it. I’m assuming it is a requirement because the upgrade uses the RSP as part of the process, so it takes up some disk space.

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