WordPress noopener noreferrer

WordPress starts adding noopener noreferrer tags automatically

Did you notice that noopener noreferrer tags are being added to both external AND internal links that are set to open in a new tab (target_blank) in your WordPress blog? I noticed this happening on my blog last night. I […]

Microsoft brings new experience for Gmail in Windows 10 Mail & Calendar apps

Microsoft has started rolling out the new features to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app for Gmail account holders. Some of the features which were accessible only to the Outlook users and Office 365 customers will now be available to […]

IoT Central is Microsoft’s latest IoT as a Service offering

Microsoft IoT Central

Microsoft’s IoT now gets a push with the launch of IoT Central which is a fully managed solution for IoT deployments without the need for expertise which is usually required for setting up cloud-based IoT solutions from the ground up. […]

Microsoft plans two Windows 10 feature updates every year

Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 is the fastest adopted version of the Windows till date and the total number of monthly active users has already crossed 400 million. With the service-oriented approach, Microsoft is helping the organizations save money and time by eliminating […]

Firefox new update brings Project Quantum and Compact themes

Firefox’s recent update is the first phase of Project Quantum which brings various performance improvements to the browser. The new Quantum compositor is expected a speed up Firefox and also help prevent the graphics crashes on Windows. The Project Quantum […]

Microsoft Authenticator app for Android & iPhone introduces Phone Sign-In

microsoft authenticator app

“Use your phone instead of your password for personal Microsoft accounts”, says Microsoft. Signing into your Microsoft account on the phone is easier now. The Microsoft Authenticator App now supports phone sign-in. Furthermore, the Company has also announced the public […]

Web version of Google Earth made available by Google

Google Earth

Google has released the web version of Google Earth and its own home page. According to the Google team, the new version of Google Earth is a whole new experience of exploring the world. The new version is not a […]

Game Emulators banned from the Windows Store

sprinkles app for iphone

Microsoft releases Sprinkles Camera app for iPhone

Creators Update breaks Windowed G-sync; here is the fix!

Windows 10 Creators Update SDK

Windows 10 Creators Update SDK is now available