Microsoft releases PowerShell Core for Windows, Mac and Linux

PowerShell has been Microsoft’s own replacement to the Command Prompt in Windows 10, and the command line utility has been largely being implemented all around Microsoft and other Microsoft communities. Microsoft recently released the open-source version of PowerShell 6.0. This […]

Microsoft creates futuristic Garage Reality rooms for VR, AR and Mixed Reality

Microsoft Garage has been the cradle of innovation. The impromptu setup encourages Microsoft employees to work on their side projects, and the company will also invest if its good. We have seen a plethora of technologies like the Microsoft AI […]

Microsoft removes and then restores Bitcoin payments


Amid the growing concerns over the regulation of cryptocurrencies around the World, Microsoft stopped accepting bitcoin payments for Microsoft store. The company reportedly had removed the ability to add money to Microsoft Account using Bitcoin owing to the negative sentiments […]

Corsair’s new wireless gaming keyboard offers 75-hour battery life

Gaming and battery backup are often mutually exclusive to each other. Most of us realize that gaming guzzles up all the power and drains the battery quickly as opposed to normal usage. Well, the new Corsair wireless gaming keyboard is set […]

Windows won’t receive Security Updates unless the Antivirus software is compatible

Windows wont Receive Security Update Unless Antivirus Software Is Compatible

Microsoft has added new details on a support page surrounding potential incompatibilities between antivirus products and patches that have been designed to stop Meltdown and Spectre. The notice has stated that unless the antivirus software that they are using falls […]

After crash reports, Microsoft stops Updates for AMD PCs

After Crash Reports, Microsoft Stops Updates For AMD PC's

Microsoft has stopped its Meltdown and Spectre patch updates on machines with AMD processors due to reports from users that it has caused crashes on their machines. It has been claimed that the patch has sent some systems into a […]

Indus OS becomes the second highest used operating system in India

An indigenous operating system created by a group of Indian entrepreneurs has become the second highest used mobile operating system in India. Beating out competition from Apple and Microsoft, the software came from a need to enable first-time users to […]

crypto currency mining protection in opera

Opera 50 comes with Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining feature


NVIDIA to end support for 32-bit operating system drivers

Microsoft to retire HomeGroup feature permanently

Windows Hello spoofed by a paper printout

MS Cloud AI Research Challenge

Microsoft announces broad Cloud AI Research Competition

Microsoft announces new AI powered features for Office 365