Bing Map Adds Over 100 Cities Streetside Images and 3D Images

Bing Maps is now all set to compete with Google Maps as it now has Street-side view, aerial imageries and 3D imagery for over 100 cities. A new and large update of Bing Maps was announced yesterday, where the search [...]

Incidence and usage of rogue antivirus software dropping

Rogue antivirus software

Rogue antivirus software is a malware that pretends (and acts) like an antivirus software. However, in reality it simply downloads malicious software on your system and displays false detections of viruses on the computer. After displaying this, the rogue antivirus [...]

Reveton ransomware steals your passwords and takes over your bank account

Reveton Ransomware

Reveton isn’t a new malware to the world. Reveton ransomware has been here for quite a long time, ‘working’ as a LockScreen-only version. However, the bad news is that Reveton ransomware is now being updated! It has become extremely dangerous [...]

Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft’s Board


Microsoft’s former CEO Steve Ballmer has stepped down from the company’s Board, after buying the Los Angeles Clippers Baskteball team recently. Ballmer was working with Microsoft for 30 long years and led the company between 2000 till Feb 2014. The [...]

Some Windows August Updates may break Windows, says Microsoft


Recently Microsoft pushed a few updates from its Windows Update server, targeted at Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003  operating system. These updates were released to [...]

New ransomware ZeroLocker, pretends to help, and then encrypts your files


We have new ransomware in town called ZeroLocker. Ransomware are considered as a get-rich quick tool by malaware writers these days. ZeroLocker encrypts all your data including files with AES encryption key once it is done, it display a message [...]

Infographic: What To Expect from Nokia 130 at $27

Nokia 130

Recently we covered about Nokia 130 mobile phone, the very first handset device from the house of Microsoft after Nokia acquisition. Here we have a beautiful Infographic designed by Nokia, which displays Nokia 130 capability, we will discuss more about [...]

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer?

windows 8.1 august update

Download Windows 8.1 August Update now

Nokia 130

Microsoft to launch Nokia 130, Nokia 130 Dual SIM at $27

Trillian logo

Skype kills Trillian and other 3rd-party IM support

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program

Surface Pro 3 be available in 25 more markets


Fitbit Sports App Arrives Officially On Windows Phone 8.1


Facebook introduces the App

BBM for Windows Phone 8

BBM Blackberry Messenger now available for Windows Phone


Bing Site Safety Page: Flags Malicious Websites In Search

reddit live

Reddit Live, a live blogging tool, launched

Lumia 530

Microsoft announces new Lumia 530 at just 83 Euros