Office Mix

Microsoft launches Office Mix website

Growing Office 365 service user base has prompted Microsoft to widen or expand its popular Office suite by offering new apps. As such, you can observe, beginning today, roll out of a new service called Office Mix. The service is [...]

Office 365 launches in China

Office 365

After a month of releasing  Azure cloud computing platform in China, Microsoft has now announced the availability of Office 365 across the East Asian Giant. The move shows the increased  focus of Microsoft towards Chinese market and consolidates Microsoft position [...]

Microsoft fixes issue of un-bootable Windows XP machines


Recent definition updates for Microsoft Security Essentials caused some Windows XP machines to not boot. This issue has now been fixed by Microsoft. Microsoft Security Essentials made Windows XP machines un-bootable Microsoft has released its Antimalware Engine 1.1.10502.0 to all [...]

Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope brings Astronomy to Life for Children in Asia


Microsoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope enables space enthusiasts to explore the universe right from their computer. The tool turns users’ computer machine virtually into a telescope, helping them bring imagery from many of the world’s best ground- and space-based telescopes. It [...]

Mozilla launches WebMaker


Mozilla Foundation has launched Webmaker, a project dedicated to help you create amazing web applications and more. WebMaker is a place for all creative persons whereby the selective group of individuals can come up with something amazing on the web. Besides [...]

Troubleshooter updated to fix Windows 8.1 Update 10×80070002, 0×80070003 errors

Microsoft appears to have updated Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix Windows 8.1 Update 0×80070002 and 0×80070003 errors in Windows 8.1.  Yesterday, Microsoft updated its Knowledge Base article to explain that Windows Update may still again offer you the Windows 8.1 Update [...] unveils Personalized Cards on Bing home page


Bing has unveiled a set of Personalized Cards on the Bing Home page. The cards which you see at bottom of Bing Home Page show news of various topics and can be personalized according to your interests. This new Bing [...]


The story behind the Windows XP Bliss wallpaper

custom-domains stops support for new custom domain sign ups


Microsoft launches Escape from XP game

Windows Xp

Google wants Windows XP users to switch to Chromebook

Windows Image

Windows 8.1 to get the Start Menu and more, soon!

Bing Knowledge Widget

Bing Knowledge Widget for webmasters released


Windows Phone 8.1 introduces cool new features

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 now Available for Deployment

Office for iPad

Microsoft Office apps, now available for your iPad