Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings will let your customers book business appointments

One of the key challenges in any business is to keep up with customer inquiries and to schedule the appointments with them. In fact, many times business owners are so busy with managing the appointments that they are not able […]

Tor Project writes about their plans to protect Internet of Things

TOR project

Knowing how rapidly the Internet of Things is finding space in human life and revolutionizing it, it could be the next best target for the hackers too. With devices starting from baby cams to home security systems, toasters, thermostats, smart […]

French Commission orders Microsoft to stop tracking Windows 10 users

Windows 10 by 10

France’s National Data Protection Commission has issued a stern notice to Microsoft over excessive user tracking on Windows 10. The governing body has asked the IT giant to stop collecting excessive data and tracking browsing by users without their consent. […]

Delilah Ransomware is a ‘Blackmailware’ that blackmails you for information

Microsoft Simda Malware Battle

Ransomware has been assuming different forms these days and it was only recently that we reported about a Ransomware that was a scam and deleted user’s files. Delilah is the latest Blackmailware that blackmails its target for information. Unlike other […]

Windows 10 notifications will warn Chrome, Firefox users to switch back to Edge

switch chrome

After demonstrating how Microsoft Edge is more power efficient than its rivals Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft is back with a rather “pushy” strategy to counter its rivals. Windows 10 users, using Chrome, Firefox or any alternative browser, are seeing a […]

Microsoft announces OneNote Class Note Book Tools for Mac


OneNote has been around for quite some time, and it has been a great Evernote alternative, especially on the Windows Phone. Microsoft since recently has been trying to make a mark with its software products across different operating systems. The […]

Microsoft has some exciting offers for you in the Windows Store


Windows 10 Anniversary Update is almost ready for its public release. Announced back in the month of June, Windows 10 Anniversary Update is scheduled for a public release on August 2nd and Microsoft recently shared the features and offers you […]

Xbox One S

Xbox One S to be put on sale on August 2


Movies & TV App picks up an update


FBI offers advice on how to stay safe from Ransomware

Skype Alpha

Microsoft launches Skype Alpha On Linux, Chrome

free microsoft ebooks

Microsoft giving away millions of eBooks free

satana ransomware

Satana Ransomware encrypts User Files and replaces MBR


Incidence of Cyber Crime surpasses Physical Crime in the UK