google no more deceptive download linke

No more Deceptive Download Buttons, says Google

No more Deceptive Download buttons, says Google! Google Safe Browsing, launched around eight years back is now targeting the fake and deceptive download buttons. Regardless of the web browser, you are using, Google’s Safe Browsing technology will now warn you […]

Kangaroo Plus is a smartphone-sized PC in your pocket

kangaroo plus pc

A PC in your pocket, ever thought about getting one of those? They are real and are the size of a smartphone of all things. This particular PC is called the Kangaroo Plus, and yes, it is powered by, well, […]

Microsoft shows what watching the NFL could be like with HoloLens


The NFL Super Bowl is the hottest thing in sports right now, and Microsoft, a proud sponsor of the NFL, has released a video showcasing what the NFL fans in the future could look like. This video is not about […]

Chromodo web browser is anything but secure, says Google


There’s something going on where Comodo Internet Security is installed for the first time, and computer users should beware of it. Whenever this is done, the security software automatically installs a browser called Chromodo, and in no time, it is […]

Microsoft pushing to have Node.js support ChakraCore JavaScript engine


Microsoft is making a big push by going after Google’s V8, the JavaScript engine that powers Google Chrome and several apps on the web. According to the software giant, it had requested to have its own engine, ChakraCore, run alongside […]

Microsoft announces Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14257


Microsoft announced today Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14257 for PCs in the Fast ring. Just last week Microsoft had released Build 14251 . As promised by Microsoft, with increased pace of the Fast ring releases, this build is only […]

Microsoft buys SwiftKey, an Android and iOS Keyboard app

microsoft acquires swiftkey

Redmond giant is seamlessly focusing on cross-platform technologies these days. Fulfilling its commitment to bring its software and services to all platforms, Microsoft has made another acquisition lately. Microsoft recently has acquired SwiftKey, the London-based Android, and iOS Keyboard app. […]


Microsoft Surface fell to Apple iPad Pro in sales


Windows 10 comes as a Recommended Update NOW!


Windows Phone is close to death and that’s a problem

virus total

VirusTotal to detect & report firmware malware


Microsoft to fix Edge Private Browsing bug


Oracle to discontinue its Java browser plugin

MVP Mentor Program

Microsoft announces the retirement of MVP Mentor Program


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta available for download


Cortana updated to help better manage your Calendar

skype logo

Skype is now safer after it decides to hide users IP