Cortana is now available in Australia, Canada, Japan, India

Microsoft announced yesterday the arrival of Cortana in Australia, Canada, Japan and India. Windows Insiders of these countries who are on the Windows 10 Insider Preview builds 10532 and higher versions will get services from Microsoft’s digital voice assistant. It is […]

The new Google logo is evolution done right


The Google homepage we’ve come to love over the past decade has changed a lot, and it has since changed once more. The changes are not huge, but enough for the whole world to notice. The most striking thing about […]

Nvidia releases new WHQL drivers for Windows 10

nvidia whql servers

Nvidia GeForce 355.82 WHQL drivers for Windows 10, both 64 and 32 bit versions are now available. Windows 10 users can now download these drivers and get an enhanced gaming experience of Metal Gear Solid V Games on their PC. […]

Microsoft releases Office UI Fabric, a framework similar to Bootstrap

Office Dev

Microsoft has recently released a new front-end framework for developers publicized as the Office UI Fabric. This mobile-first framework is highly responsive similar to the well-known Bootstrap framework. It is being designed to empower the developers to create easily web-based […]

Teenagers accused of launching DDoS attacks on Microsoft arrested


A group of six teenagers from around the UK were arrested and later released on bail on suspicion of launching cyber attacks against popular services like Sony Online Entertainment and others using Lizard Stresser DDoS tool. The primary targets of […]

Create your own web browser based on Edge rendering engine with EdgeHTML

favorites edge

Microsoft has made several changes to the rendering engine that powers its newest web browser, Edge. We’ve seen a lot of what Edge is capable of, and many have fallen in love. However, what if we could create our own […]

Microsoft finally overcomes 8-year-old lawsuit to block sale of phones


Back in the year of 2007, Nokia was sued by a company that goes by the name, InterDigital. This company has claimed at the time that several Nokia handsets had infringed on patents covering 3G cellular technology. Since Microsoft went […]


Cortana for Android now available as Public Beta


Microsoft Language Portal updated with Windows 10 translations

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10

Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 released


Apple releases Boot Camp 6.1 to support Windows 10

Windows 10 IoT Core Rasperry Pi

Windows 10 IoT Core is now live


Firefox 40 lets you use any search engine with Cortana