Thousands of Mozilla email IDs and Passwords were leaked

This story may be a month old, but its is something Mozilla users need to know. Early this month, Mozilla announced that a database on Mozilla Developer Network or MDN that contained members’ email IDs and passwords got disclosed on [...]

Bing details its Web Spam Filtering strategy

Bing Knowledge Widget

The Bing Index Quality Team is raising its bar and now working on Web Spam Filtering. An official blog post by Microsoft’s Igor Rondel, Principal Development Manager of the Bing Index Quality team details the ways they use to discover [...]

Bill Gates uses Microsoft Office Mix to create a presentation


Office Mix is an amazing service by Microsoft. And now you can see a great example of how this technology can be efficiently used to create a presentation that visually appealing and interactive. This presentation is created by Bill Gates [...]

Google Chrome 64-bit, now available for Windows 8 / 7

Google Chrome

There’s a good news for all Google Chrome fans. Now the Google Chrome 64-bit version is available for Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. Along with it, the 64-bit Windows support is also coming to the Chrome Stable with [...]

Spotify music streaming app for Windows Phone, is now free


The music app Spotify now allows free streaming to Windows Phone users. This latest update offers the premium features like downloading songs and higher quality audio along with the free music streaming for Windows Phone. iOS and Android users have [...]

Excessively loud fan, constant overheating issues plaguing some Surface Pro 3 i7 users

Surface Pro 3

It seems that even after 3 firmware patches in a month the bug that has been troubling some Surface Pro 3 users still remains unresolved. There have been several complaints reported for overheating and more buyers are confirming the same. [...]

Bing Image Search Widget let you embed images in your website

bing image widget 2

A relatively new feature from Bing, is the Image Search Widget, that allows you to embed images directly on your web pages. You can now embed imaged directly from a Bing Image search query and display it as a collage or [...]


Steve Ballmer steps down from Microsoft’s Board

Nokia 130

Infographic: What To Expect from Nokia 130 at $27

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer

Microsoft to rebrand Internet Explorer?

windows 8.1 august update

Download Windows 8.1 August Update now

Nokia 130

Microsoft to launch Nokia 130, Nokia 130 Dual SIM at $27

Trillian logo

Skype kills Trillian and other 3rd-party IM support

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Program

Surface Pro 3 be available in 25 more markets