Windows server 2003

Microsoft to end support for Windows Server 2003 starting July 14, 2015

In case you missed this important news, come July 2015 and Microsoft’ support to Windows Server 2003 would have ended.  In case you are still running on Windows Server 2003 then beginning July 2015, you will not get any security […]

Microsoft rolls out Gestures App for Lumia Windows Phones

Gestures app

Good news for Windows Phone Lumia users? Microsoft has come out with a Gestures app that allow users to control some of the functionality of the phone without touching the display. Although the released app is in beta stage currently, […]

Microsoft previews Skype Translator – See how it works

Skype Translator

When technology moves forward by leaps and bounds miracles happen. Well, this is not a miracle, but certainly a brilliant example of what technology can do. Skype Translator is here and making stir in the world of technology! Didn’t get […]

WordPress under attack; SoakSoak compromises 100K+ websites


WordPress being the most popular CMS has always been a target for the hackers and cyber criminals and the latest malware attack has compromised around 100,000 WordPress sites. The Russian malware SoakSoak was first noticed on Sunday morning when it […]

Microsoft, Google, Adobe, other ICT companies pulling out from Russia


Microsoft and Google could well join Adobe Systems as the latest Western Tech giants to pull out from the Russian operations. In light of the new Russian regulations, Adobe Systems shut down its Russian offices this September while other Tech […]

Facebook drops Bings Search engine results


Facebook has silently dumped the Bing search engine results and they will no more be displayed on Facebook. Facebook has been using the Microsoft Bing Search results since the year 2010, but the refurbished Facebook search offerings will now include […]

Bing brings ‘Safe preference’ for child safety

Safe Preference

Protecting your children from cyber criminals is a tedious job; especially when they are using your computers to surf the web. Our computer’s web surfing setting is done as per our requirement. However, such setting may put our children’s online […]

MSN Apps

Microsoft rolls out MSN apps suite for iOS & Android


Microsoft starts accepting BitCoins as a mode of payment


Operation Global III Ransomware Decryption Tool released

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition now available for Windows Phone

HERE Drive+

HERE Drive+ receives an update; 18 new countries added


Try Windows 10 TP without installing it

Next Lock Screen App on Android

Microsoft updates Next Lock Screen app for Android


Bing Image Search Integrated To Sway

facebook partners eset

ESET joins the Facebook security vector

Clip Art

Microsoft ends support to Clip Art


FIN4: Phishing Threat Alert From FireEye

microsoft acquires Acompli

Microsoft acquires email startup Acompli

Mozilla search

Mozilla showcases its new Search Interface in Firefox

System says: “A cat sitting on top of a bed”

Human says: “A person sitting on bed behind an open laptop computer and a cat sitting beside and looking at the laptop screen area”

Microsoft talks of Automatic Image Captioning software system

Citadel trojan

Citadel Trojan starts attacking Password Managers