FBI talks of Ransomware & offers tips on dealing with it

We have been seeing a lot of Ransomware incidents and the word is that Ransomware is also being offered in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) model. FBI has now warned people about the sharp rise in the […]

Microsoft adds Facebook Messenger support to BOT framework

bot framework

Barely a month old Microsoft’s BOT Framework, will now have Facebook Messenger as a supported channel. Microsoft introduced Bot framework at Build 2016, a service that allows developers to build and connect intelligent bots to interact with the users wherever […]

Microsoft brings Instagram, Facebook, Messenger apps to Windows 10


Microsoft has been doing a great job bringing in a majority of Windows 10 Mobile apps to the Windows Store alongside the Windows games. This idea seems to align with the ideology of Continuum and the fact that Microsoft wants […]

Yammer Network introduces external groups to include clients and partners

Yammer network

Yammer Network, the organization level social networking site owned by Microsoft, is now giving you the freedom to include people outside of your company. Till now, Yammer was limited to the organization level only. That means, employees and associates of […]

Microsoft blocks other browsers from using Cortana


Microsoft has invested a lot of effort in making Windows 10 well-endowed when it comes to search capabilities. The search in Windows 10 is beyond the regular search and is more of an intuitive and helpful feature. I have been […]

Parents used Microsoft Sway to tell Cancer story

Extra Life

Microsoft Sway is a brilliant software, so it comes as no surprise to see a parents of a child with Cancer using the platform to tell their story. It’s quite touching, and we do hope the child pulls through commandingly. […]

Microsoft launches Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Microsoft Garage is known for turning innovative ideas into real projects. The Word Flow Keyboard has been one of the most loved Windows Phone projects by Microsoft Garage. With a goal of expanding its services on multiple platforms, Microsoft has […]


Google tracks every movement of its users, says report


Microsoft Trust Center gets new Compliance Attestations

skype angry birds

Skype to get new Angry Birds emoticons


Microsoft offers Plugin-free Skype for users