Encryption Software, biggest worry in tackling Terrorism, says Europol Chief

Europol (European Police Office) director, Rob Wainwrigh, has warned that use of encryption software to send online communications and access to the hidden areas of the Internet (known as the Darknet) by terrorists is the biggest worry in tackling terrorism […]

Microsoft India completes 25 years


Microsoft India completed 25 years. The company first established a small office at Hyderabad, India in 1990. It was initially supported heavily by the Redmond based headquarters until Microsoft India found itself functioning closely with the Indian government as well […]

Halo 5 Guardians to release on October 27, 2015


Halo 5 Guardians release date has been announced. It is set to release for Xbox One on October 27 this year, says Microsoft. The announcement was made through the new live-action Halo 5 Guardians TV advertisement. The ad was aired during […]

Microsoft is beta testing Project Hyperlapse on Windows Phone

Microsoft Research Hyperlapse

An application named Hyperlapse Mobile Beta has appeared on Windows Phone store. The Hyperlapse Windows Phone app is undergoing internal beta testing for selected insiders. Project Hyperlapse was first announced in 2014 by Microsoft Research and was intended to remove […]

Fake WhatsApp Calling feature Invites and scams continue to spread

Whatsapp Calls Fake Invites

Taking advantage of the latency in rollout of the voice calling feature on WhatsApp, spammers and greedy marketers have come up with an innovative idea to spread fake WhatsApp messages. The fake Whatsapp calling feature invites, which looks like the […]

Microsoft to introduce $149 low cost laptops to combat Chromebooks

Google Chromebook n Microsoft Netbooks

In an attempt to put a hold on Chromebook sales, Microsoft is working on two laptop models that will compete with Chromebook in both usability and price. Microsoft already has a hardware unit that is into manufacturing Surface convertibles. They […]

WhatsApp calling feature coming to Windows Phone


If you are using WhatsApp on your Windows Phones, then get ready to enjoy the experience of making phone calls on a go via your favorite instant messaging space. The WhatsApp calling feature is expected to come soon to Windows […]

slack logo

Slack was Hacked; Its Central database exposed


Microsoft releases the Preview of WinJS 4.0


Windows Azure gets on-demand backup and restore


Apple CEO Tim Cook to donate his wealth to Charity


Microsoft and Yahoo planning a search alliance breakup?

Xbox One

Xbox One gets Voice Messaging feature

azure marketplace

Microsoft launches Azure Marketplace