Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Windows 10 announced

Microsoft has revealed a new default web browser for Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge in Build 2015 event. Microsoft’s new web browser was first revealed in the Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10049, code named “Project Spartan“. Soon, “Microsoft Edge” is going to replace the Spartan name in future Insider Preview builds of Windows 10 as well as web developer resources.


microsoft edge browser logoMicrosoft Edge Web browser for Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is going to be the future of Microsoft’s browser strategy, accordingly the company is going to archive the IEBlog this week and there will be a complete make-over of all Web properties with the new brand. One can learn more about Microsoft’s new default browser by attending Microsoft Edge Web Summit which is happening on May 5th and 6th.

Kyle Pflug, from the Microsoft Edge team has tweeted a new logo for Microsoft Edge browser, calling it as “New kid in the block”. Minutes after the Edge announcement, the Internet has spurred debates on the Microsoft Edge’s new logo and its resemblance towards its legacy Internet Explorer logo.

Notable features of Microsoft Edge browser include:

  • Support for built-in Cortana.
  • Built-in reader, note-taking and sharing features.
  • New annotating features
  • Design focus on simplicity and minimalism.
  • New rendering engine called EdgeHTML, which was first dubbed as Spartan engine.

Microsoft has released a teaser featuring the new Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge is going to replace Internet Explorer, however IE would remain in Windows 10 for those who need it for compatibility reasons.

How do you like the new logo? Do you think Microsoft Edge browser could make a significant dent in browser market?

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