Apple plans Mac marketing blitz around Windows 7 launch

Apple plans to counter the upcoming release of Windows 7 with advertisements that will lambaste the upgrade process from Windows XP, and portray Macs actually as more secure.

mac comic

Apple will launch ads in response to the debut of Microsoft’s latest operating system, due on Oct 22. The spots are expected to criticize Windows and portray the Mac as a superior platform. Apple views the launch as an opportunity to lure Windows users to the Mac.

“It will likely make the case that Macs are less susceptible to viruses and are best suited to its popular iPods and and iPhones,” the report said. “And look for it to poke fun at Microsoft for making XP owners go through an arduous process to upgrade to Windows 7 — one that includes backing up all their files to an external drive, reformatting their PC, and then reinstalling all of their old programs, assuming they still have the CDs.”

However, Windows 7 has earned rave reviews from some, including known Apple advocate Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal.

UPDATE: Watch the 3 Mac ads here.

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  1. crankenstein

    Of course Apple will… They have rode Microsofts shirt tail since the beginning. I’m really tired of that slimy Steve Jobs and his problem riddled OS.

  2. Paul Gorski

    More lies from Apple…what else could anybody expect?

  3. Are Apple employees really THAT stupid? “Apple views the launch as an opportunity to lure Windows users to the Mac.” I am a long time Windows user and all those ads do to me show that people coming up with these ads are total idiots without any imagination.

    For those who don’t know, you can watch them here:

    Nothing but cheap bad-mouthing without any argumentation. It’s just like saying “- Apples are better than pears. – Why? – Because I said so”

    That doesn’t make me love Apple, it just makes me hate it even more.

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