Apple’s Time Capsule Graveyard

Mac users are complaining that the Backup devices are failing after about 18 months. Reports of failed Time Capsules have been common on Apple’s support site for months. Most users adding to the two most popular threads, which together boast more than 60,000 views and over 600 messages,  claim that their Time Capsules failed without any warning.

apple time capsule graveyard

“My Time Capsule was running just fine, then spontaneously just powered off by itself,” said one user, who kicked off one of the two main threads on the issue in late August. “I’m guessing that there’s a power connection fried, because if it were a power supply failure the lights would not have blinked on at all.” “My Time Capsule has just failed too, after 18 months of use,” reported another user on the same thread Monday.

“So your Apple Time Capsule has died. You are now faced with the difficult, but important, need to mourn…”

To show that you’re not alone in this process, irate mac users have opened the Apple Time Capsule Memorial Register.

“Please take a moment and submit a few details of your beloved Time Capsule. You will instantly notice it will make you feel better but will also help others facing the same difficult period in their lives.”

To Apple’s credit, however, users have reported that Apple has been replacing dead devices under the standard 12 month warranty issued on purchase of a Time Capsule, as well as under the AppleCare replacement warranty, if the user has purchased it.

Apple currently sells two models of the Time Capsule: a 1TB backup device for $299 and a 2TB model for $499. 

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  1. crankenstein

    Does anything Apple makes work?

  2. agnostic

    @crankenstein – What an ignorant comment. Do some research. Lots of MS stuff is crap, too (hello, Zune). Neither company is immune.

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