Ballmer unconcerned about Apple’s rise

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on Thursday said he was unconcerned that his company had been overtaken by rival Apple as the world’s biggest technology firm in terms of market value.

Ballmer was speaking to reporters in New Delhi, a day after Apple, the maker of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, passed the software giant for the first time.

It is a long game. We have good competitors but we too are very good competitors,” he said. “I will make more profit and certainly there is no technology company on the planet that is as profitable as we are.”

India will not only see a surge in consumption of cloud services, driving growth in domestic IT usage, but companies all over the world will look to India for their transition to cloud computing” he said.

Ballmer was in India to underline the future importance of Microsoft’s Cloud Services platform, in which people use applications hosted online instead of buying, installing and maintaining software on their own computers.

The technology is expected to create more than 300,000 jobs by 2015 in India, he said.

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