Best Windows Website Contest 2009 Announced

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  1. @Anand,
    Two things:
    1. Contest opens 5th June 2009, 1.30 PM UTC? Isnt it July?
    2. Winner gets Windows Vista? Shouldnt it be Windows 7 Ultimate?

  2. 1. Thanks for pointing out the typo, inspite of taking all precautions, something will go wrong somewhere… is’nt there a Murphy’s Law which says something to this effect?

    2. Windows 7 not released. Hence a Vista. One can always upgrade with it to W7 at minimal costs. More than the prizes, think of the fun in participating. The Judges will be visiting all the participating websites, so winning & prizes apart, this contest would provide recognition and a great opportunity for bloggers to expose and showcase their websites.

    Windows 7 … next year 🙂

  3. Really nice one. Like Nirmal said, why the prize is Vista?… Whatever it is, thanks for sharing about this opportunity

  4. Great idea for a competition – I’m looking forward to entering! I’ll make a link to this from twitter too 🙂

  5. Just trying to get us entered but I haven’t been able to find where to add W7C to the list of sites.

  6. Great competition.
    There are many valuable web sites related with Windows and serving resources for the followers
    Waiting for the result to see the winner

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