Bing and Cortana Bring you Live Updates From Cricket World Cup 2015

As the cricket world cup was nearing, Bing team in Hyderabad (India) had been working to bring you live updates from all the matches. The updates will not only include scores but time-table of matches and progress of your favorite team(s). All this using the Bing Interface – the main page of

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Cricket is one of the most popular games across the world and the game keeps many hooked up to their television sets during the matches of their favorite team(s). Bing knows that and brings you an application integrated into Bing search that will provide you with just the information you need.

You can check out schedule of matches, scores by your favorite team(s) and other stats you need, by searching on Bing from any type of device: Windows PC, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. For those who can’t take an off during the matches of their favorite teams and for those who need more information that what is on TV, Bing will be aggregating and providing this information when you search for it using Bing on any device running any OS. The aim is to provide all information related to the Cricket world cup 2015 on mobile devices so that people can get the information anywhere and on any device.

Bing will also be predicting the matches. Using the power of world-wide-web, Bing will predict winners of each match and the Cricket World Cup 2015 as it did in the case of Super Bowl and FIFA. You just have to look it up on Bing. The search engine already has keywords ready when you type “World Cup” in the search bar.

The main page of Bing Search is displaying the different options related to World cup. The above image is one example of typing “World Cup” in the search bar. Other than predicting and providing current information, Bing will also be providing information on history of cricket, the records held by cricketers etc. From the main page, as seen in India, you can also click on links to view stats and cricket related videos. The live updates will also be present on your lock screen if you choose to display the information.

Microsoft has also been working on Cortana to help you track your favorite cricket team and favorite events. Thus, those who use Cortana for search and other work, they can have the live updates via that app. It is indeed easier now to get all the information about cricket world cup 2015 at your finger points, thanks to Bing and Cortana.

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