Bing gets a new logo & identity

Bing users will now see a new orange-yellow Bing logo with a shiny golden appearance on Bing home page. 2013 has been the year of revamps for Bing. After getting a new layout and responsive design, Microsoft’s search engine Bing is now getting a new logo with more angular and sharper shape. Microsoft has selected this new logo after dozens of color experiments. The new Bing logo matches well with the recently redesigned product branding of Microsoft.BING NEW LOGO

Talking about the new logo Bing’s lead designer Lawrence Ripsher says, “The logo, obviously, is a big deal for us, a lot more angular and fresh and sharper than we’ve used in the past”.

The new Bing logo is clean simple and direct, says Microsoft. Bing selected vibrant Orange as its new logo color as it evokes warmth, clarity and confidence. The stylized lowercase ‘b’ in Segoe font is sharply aligned giving it a neat yet modern look. Bing was previously using a curly and softer logo which didn’t fit much with the Microsoft’s modern approach. Other minor changes in the logo include the cut on top of letter ‘b’ and a curve in the descender of ‘g’. Letters ‘I’ and ‘n’ are kept the same.

Microsoft lately has been busy making significant changes to its Bing search engine. Along with the new logo, Bing got a makeover with modern UI. Bing also added a new feature Glance which combines Snapshot and Sidebar. Glance stores information about the user and tracks friends from social networks to create more contextual and personalized search results.

Another noteworthy feature added to Bing is “Page Zero,” which quickly provides an answer or information before results page loads completely. As you type on the Bing search bar the Page Zero pops up with relevant options. It also shows images, news or video links for certain search terms.

However the new features of Bing are not appearing worldwide for now. Bing is rolling out its new features slowly. By the time, have a look at new Bing logo and leave your feedback.

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