Bing Image Search gets a major update making it cooler and more beautiful

Microsoft has released an update to its Bing Image Search engine, making it more beautiful to look at and more cooler to browse. Microsoft has done away with the small thumbnails and reduced the white gaps between the images, thereby delivering you a beautiful search experience.

new bing image search

Bing Images Search is considered as being superior to its many competitors. It now offers you an endless stream of big beautiful pictures from the web.

Here are some of the new features:

  • The bigger thumbnails have been laid out seamlessley – and this makes the images shine out.
  • If you wish to see an image in more detail, mouse over to it. When you hover on an image, you’ll immediately get a blown up preview that follows your mouse around. You can hold up this “magnifying glass” to any picture and see its size, title, and source.
  • Bing’s new advanced search filter bar on the top, will help you find filters for searching by size, color, type, layout, and faces.
  • The Search suggestions have also been given a refresh and improved upon.
  • The right side of the image search page is now devoted to discovering new things. When you search for a person, Bing will recommend similar people to check out, movies they’ve been in, etc. It works for almost anything.
  • Bing’s popular trending searches feature has also been incorporated in the results page.

Seeing is believing! Head over to Bing Image Search, to check it now. Make a few searches and let us know if you like it.

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