Bing Trends reveals top searches of 2012

So what has Americans been searching for this year? Base on the aggregation of billions of search queries, Bing Search has released a list of the top searches performed by Americans and presented them in the form of a report titled the Bing Top Searches of 2012 Report.

The findings have been classified in the following categories:

People, Sports Stars, Musicians, Olympians, Reality TV Stars, Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Events, News Stories, Tech, Movies, Song, Videos, TV, Reality TV, Daytime TV, Fashion, Destination, Holiday Icons and Others.

Kim Kardashian regained her crown from 2010 as the most searched person of 2012. The most searched stories included iPhone 5, 2012 Elections, 2012 Olympics, Hurricane Sandy and others.

Among social media, Facebook followed by Twitter and MySpace were the most searched terms. In consumer electronics, Apple ruled the roost with its iPhone 5 and iPad. Windows 8 ranked 10th on the Consumer Electronics list. Among songs, it was PSY – Gangnam Style.

To make things interesting, the year’s top searches have been presented in a cool interactive Infographic you want to check out.

The complete report, including most-searched viral videos, movies, songs, TV personalities and more, is available at

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