Expert: Apple is 10 years behind Microsoft in handling vulnerabilities and security issues

Attacks on Mac OS X will increase, as the threat landscape will shift away from Windows and focus on platforms that have a smaller market share, believes one of the top security experts from AVAST Software, Ondrej Vlcek CTO AVAST Software.

“I think we will be seeing more and more attacks towards Mac. Of course, it’s still a minor platform in terms of market share, currently estimated to be between 6% and 7%, compared to something like 92% or 93% for Windows. For attackers it’s much easier to focus on 90+%, but that’s changing; the market share is growing all the time,” Vlcek said.

More importantly, Vlcek noted while speaking to Softpedia, that Apple has some issues in the way it deals with the security of Mac OS X. Essentially, AVAST’s CTO revealed that Apple is now where Microsoft used to be a decade ago in terms of how the Cupertino-based company tackles vulnerabilities.

“And also as the platform is getting more popular it’s quite evident that there are a lot problems in the security of the Mac OS in general. What I mean is that Apple’s approach towards security vulnerabilities is not very fortunate. It somehow reminds me of Microsoft’s style from maybe eight, ten years ago,” he added.

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  1. Brian

    Not that I’m saying that by not staying current with patches and defenses against vulnerabilities is a good thing for Apple, but the naysayers have been saying “‘I think we will be seeing more and more attacks towards Mac.'” for that same ten years… still waiting for those attacks to arrive.

  2. Ai


    It has been 10 years that Apple has been speculating that they would have a larger market against Microsoft but they have not been able to achieve that until now

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