Radionomy officially confirms that it has bought Winamp

A few days ago we reported that ever so popular media player Winamp may have been bought by an online streaming service Radionomy. After days of silence, today, the company confirmed that it has in fact acquired Winamp. So finally, forget all the rumors, it is hereby confirmed that your favorite media player is now here to stay.


It all began in November last year when Winamp announced that it was shutting its door in a month of time. But interestingly, as the deadline was approaching, we heard a lot of rumors that AOL,  its then parent company was in talks with a slew volume of firms, including Redmond giant Microsoft to sell that thing off.

After a lot of speculations, rumors and petitions, Winamp didn’t close on December 20 – its deadline, and still had the media player available to download on its website – something which Winamp announced will go off wire after the deadline.

A few days later, we found that there were a few changes made to the WHOIS, a site that tells you about the ownership of a domain, of From AOL, the company was now showing Radionomy as its new registered owner. This change welcomed another round of rumors and speculations.

Well, now as we hoped in our previous article, Radionomy has indeed bought Winamp.

Radionomy is an online radio streaming service that came in existence back in 2012. The service has grown strong ever since, housing over 6000 user-made channels and over 13 million unique listeners.

In a statement given to Prnewswire, Alexandre Saboundjian, the CEO of Radionomy group said,

Winamp is a top independent player that gives millions of people the best player functionality available. Its role is clear in the future evolution of online media – we plan to make the player ubiquitous, developing new functionalities dedicated to desktop, mobile, car systems, connected devices and all other platforms.

So your favorite media player Winamp has found a new owner, and is not dying after all!

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