Google found bypassing Internet Explorer privacy setting too, to track IE users!

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  1. how do you stop google everything completely on your machine if you dont use any google stuff no gmail no nothing how do you completely erase google from your doings and apple stuff to , any one know send email to

  2. Further proof that the words “security”and “privacy” should never be used to describe Internet Explorer.

  3. Do as I do – clear out your cache and cookies after each closing of IE …..oh and avoid Google like the plague !!

  4. All those completely free and useful apps were just coming from the goodness of Google’s heart? Uh, no, more like a piece of cheese in a mousetrap.

  5. Big Brother Google they are watching you I stopped using IE years ago thou how soon before Firefox is a target

  6. Isn’t this problem with IE a vulnerability that microsoft chose not to patch several years ago? How many other companies have exploited the same hole? This is why I don’t use IE – they don’t patch like they should.

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