Internet Explorer: The Browser You Loved To Hate

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  1. Historically, IE has been nothing but a thorn for consumer and end users alike. The core engine remains the same and the temp cache folder design remains a complete mess. IE6 was a complete security disaster and it took years for Microsoft to address it. That’s because IE was integrated as part of the Windows OS.

    To be fair, they made significant strides with security and modernizing the UI; that’s just lipstick on the “pig”.

    IE should be completely removed from the OS and isolated as a standalone product. They were supposed to do that back with Windows 98 after a round of US Government antitrust hearings. Of course, Microsoft didn’t and won’t do that – sloppy product development and tight OS integration means more revenue for them. I’ll stick with Opera, Firefox, and Chromium-based browsers as I’m not convinced that IE is the best of the bunch.

  2. IE9, though improved, is still far from perfect when it comes to rendering CSS–and I’m talking old CSS2, much less CSS3. What really has ticked me off as a Web Designer is Microsoft’s apathetic attitude about forcing users of IE8, 7, etc., to upgrade. When moz and webkit browsers render correctly, you shouldn’t have to use conditional coding to get the same results, because IE interprets spacing differently. I still don’t see the kind of customization (developer interest) like with the other browsers. MS is going to have to do a lot of proving themselves to me with future releases of IE before I let them out of my cellar.

  3. “You may have hated it earlier but if you have used Internet Explorer 9, there is just no way you can hate it.”

    Well, I’ve used IE9…and I hate it.

    The ONLY reason IE maintains it’s market share is because of it integration into the Windows OS and most computer users do not realize they have a choice. Make it a stand-alone product provide people with FACTS, rather than hype, and you will see it’s usage plummet rapidly.

    In terms of features…you own chart clearly shows who makes a superior browser…and it’s not Microsoft.

  4. What drives me nuts is no spell checker like in Firefox yes I make typo’s plus what is up with that big black strip thing at the top of the browser I had to keep it min and then expanded the sides to keep the solid blue-glass like look. I dislike all white stuff IE could use a color wash…. except for wp7 i’m not so sure i want to see metro on my desktop i sort of like my pics I don’t want tiles there.

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