How much does the iPhone 4S REALLY cost!?

So how much does the iPhone 4S really cost!? iSuppli has done a complete tear-down of the parts required by Apple for manufacturing an iPhone 4S. According to iSuppli Teardown of material costs, a 16 GB iPhone 4S costs $188, a 32 GB handset costs $207 and 64 GB one costs $245.

On the outside, the iPhone 4S may have disappointed some with its perceived lack of new features. But on the inside, the latest member of the iPhone line boasts a wealth of innovation, including a new wireless module with a unique custom module from Avago Technologies Ltd.—and the first use of a Hynix Semi­conductor Inc.

Here is the break up of the material costs.

The baseline iPhone 4S model with 16 GB of NAND flash memory carries a bill of materials (BOM) of $188. When the additional $8 manufacturing cost is added in, the total BOM climbs to $196.

The other iPhone 4S models are identical to the baseline version, with the exception of the addition of more NAND flash. This gives the midrange, 32GB model a BOM of $207, and the high-end 64GB version a BOM of $245, according to iSuppli.

In India this works to around Rs 10,000 for a 16 GB handset, Rs 10,776 for a 32 GB handset. But the 16 GB model is being sold for Rs 44,500,  the 32 GB for Rs 50,900 and the 64 GB for Rs 57,500.

Ofcourse, this just the cost of manufacturing parts. The designing, marketing, etc, costs get added to it.

It still leaves Apple with a hefty profit, though!

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  2. Yeah, that’s right… but its without the cost of OS, Accessories, packaging, promotion, shipping, warranty included in it… 🙂

  3. Andy, its a premium product. just like any other labels out there. but however good to see the analysis.

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