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A Telugu (Indian Vernacular) character can crash iPhone

I use an Apple iPhone 7 as my daily driver, and despite being an accomplished device, the iPhone (or rather the iOS in general) does get rundown by bugs. Last year around there was a bug which shut down the […]

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner mobile app now available for iPhone and Android

It seems Microsoft is pretty serious about making Microsoft apps available for iPhone and Android. This time, the new Microsoft Planner app is made available for iPhone and Android phones. The Microsoft Planner is an extension to the existing Planner […]

sprinkles app for iphone

Microsoft releases Sprinkles Camera app for iPhone

Sprinkles the fun camera app is now available for iPhones. With a focus of serving cross-platform and Microsoft recently released the Sprinkles camera app for iPhone users. Quite similar to Snapchat, Sprinkles the camera app brings many funny captions, crazy […]

Lumia 640 and Lumia 650 beat iPhone 6s in Danish cellular signal test

Nokia has been, since eternity, known to provide legendary cellular connectivity for their sturdy handsets. Carrying on the legacy, Microsoft Mobile seems to have not made any compromises when it comes to technical proficiency. Lumia 640 & Lumia 650 fair […]

Microsoft Garage releases Thinga.Me app for iPhone

Microsoft has launched, a Microsoft Garage project designed and built by the Human Experience & Design team. Its currently in a closed trial and is available for iPhones. app for iPhone Thinga.Me offers the best and most compelling […]

Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Microsoft launches Word Flow Keyboard for iPhones

Microsoft Garage is known for turning innovative ideas into real projects. The Word Flow Keyboard has been one of the most loved Windows Phone projects by Microsoft Garage. With a goal of expanding its services on multiple platforms, Microsoft has […]

WhatsApp calling for iPhone arrives

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messenger has updated its iOS application with voice calling feature. The calling feature update was first released yesterday (21 April 2015). Earlier this year, CEO of WhatsApp announced about WhatsApp getting calling feature in CES 2015 event. […]

Bing app

Updated Bing app for iPhone gets Private Search mode

Bing just announced that the updated Bing app is available for iPhone. Prior to this, Bing released a few new features to simplify the privacy controls in the Bing app. All these features are now available in the Private Search […]

Popular Office Lens app now comes to Android and iPhone

Office Lens for Windows Phone from Microsoft which was introduced over an year ago has become one of the most popular free apps from Microsoft on Windows Phone. Now Microsoft has released Office Lens for iPhone and Android phones. Office […]

Microsoft Health App for iPhone gets updated

Microsoft recently updated its Health App for iOS devices. This 25.3M sized app is updated to its next version v1.3.10218 and delivers a number of promising features. This new update supports all the devices running iOS 7.1+ and comes along […]

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Apple May Pay IGB For The iPhone Brand Name Rights

Apple Inc. will reportedly pay to the Brazilian Company Gradiente Eletronica SA, (now turned into IGB Electronica) for using iPhone brand, says a Brazilian telecommunications analyst. Brazilian company Gradiente SA won the legal right to use the brand name iPhone last week […]

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How much does the iPhone 4S REALLY cost!?

So how much does the iPhone 4S really cost!? iSuppli has done a complete tear-down of the parts required by Apple for manufacturing an iPhone 4S. According to iSuppli Teardown of material costs, a 16 GB iPhone 4S costs $188, a 32 GB […]

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Microsoft introduces OneNote Mobile App for iPhone

Microsoft OneNote Mobile app is now available for the iPhone. Microsoft and Apple’s relationship has been very  hot and cold. While they compete fiercely in certain segments, Microsoft also develops and releases software and apps for the Apple OS platforms.