Levitation & LawnMark websites show you the power of Internet Explorer

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  1. Ok. I visited the levitate site with chrome and IE10. Did not find anything. Means I’ll have to get IE11. I also wish they added autosync of bookmarks and extensions but not much of an issue if IE works fast. So far, I’ve trusted only IE with my banking sites as it is the only one that gives me options to completely customize the browser. I don’t even know when Chrome is updated. Suddenly I am seeing the fonts in the address bar (of Chrome latest) changed and believe me, it looks very odd.

  2. I’m really finding it difficult to believe that anyone with any experience of the computer industry can be this naive. So MS has some sites which are bent in favour of their own browser and that’s supposed to convince us to use it? Oh, come on! It took me 5 seconds to find dozens of sites with HTML5 pages that IE does not render at all or does very badly with, all of which run perfectly on Chrome and most of which run equally well on Firefox. Do you really think anyone should abandon their choice of browser simply because two sites (which you’re extremely unlikely to visit in the course of your normal browsing day anyway) happen to be set up in a way that makes IE look good?

    My choice of browser was made a long time ago and I will change it only if, and only if, there’s a good reason to do so, namely it fails to render sites which I regularly visit accurately or speedily. No amount of fanboy hype substitutes for simple everyday experience.

  3. Fanboyism works either ways. If there are Fanboys for a particular a product, then there will always be fanboys of competing products – referring to the former as … Fanboys! 🙂

    Feel free to use any browser of your choice. That’s the beauty of the Windows operating system and its ecosystem.

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