Microsoft announces Bing Spotlight

Microsoft looks to be hard at work to make Bing better than its competitions. A few weeks ago, we reported that Bing was updated with a whole lot of consumer-focused features. And now today, they highlighted another feature focused on the consumer which will help them absorb the news faster.

Bing Spotlight

They call it Spotlight. With Bing Spotlight, whenever a user looks up for a trending news topic, it provides the users with the entire flow of that topic. Hence, the user can now understand the whole timeline of the events that occurred during the past few days or even weeks when the news first originated. Therefore, giving them an opportunity of viewing the entire scenario and also reading what people are writing about it on the social media and participate in the whole debate with their own point of view.

How does Bing Spotlight work

First of all, Bing is always looking up for millions of queries and news articles every time and then identifies the trending news topics over a period of weeks or even months.

Then, they look up for every type of signals from the users like queries, cookies, browsing history and what people say about it various social platforms like Twitter.

Now, on certain parameters, Bing allocates scores to these publications and sources. The better the score, the better it will be delivered to the audience upon their requests.

In the background, Bing’s Deep Learning algorithms and Graph APIs with the Bing Index gets more and more material about these topics.

You can read more about this announcement here. And in case, you wish to try out this feature right now, make sure that you head down to the link here. However, this feature is available for both PC and Mobile experiences of Bing but only in the United States for now.

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