Microsoft, Google, Yahoo partner for better search results.

Yes you read it right! Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo and Google have joined hands to improve web search results. These companies have launched a new website which consists of a common set of HTML tags that webmasters would use to mark up structured data on their websites.

This new initiative will create and support a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages. With, site owners and developers can learn about structured data and improve how their sites appear in search results on Bing, Google, and, aims to be a one stop resource for webmasters looking to add markup to their pages to help search engines better understand their websites.

The site is a comprehensive resource for webmasters to learn about this new initiative. One of the key benefits to is its simplicity; it includes schemas for over 100 categories, such as movies, music, TV shows, places, products, and organizations. Bing will work jointly with the larger web community and our search partners to extend the categories as appropriate. contains over 100 different HTML tags for structured data, categories, events, places, people, etc.

This is not the first time that the three have come together. Earlier these three had come together to create, to help standardize sitemap protocol.

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  1. Vishal

    Actually it is not a good solution for development! This way of joining of search engine masters degrades the development of the search engines thereby giving a confused mind among users and supporters. See for example, uses combination of search engines and it was good when started but now only few uses it. Only if separation is there, fast development and new features will come. Bing(2nd lead) is a new one in search and it should not join with Google(1st lead) because it affects the development and market of Bing. CEO’s should think more about this matter.

  2. Vishal

    Moreover Sharing compatibility of apps is good but not features!

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