Microsoft all set to be the future of Internet of Things

What we had speculated few weeks ago in our article on Windows 10 aiming to be the future of IoT has now been confirmed by Microsoft. In its blog on March 19, 2015, Microsoft says a special version of Windows 10 will be available for devices useful for the future of IoT. We had guessed that the Windows 10 version for Internet of Things (IoT) will be called Windows Athens. However, the blog mentioned it as Windows 10 IoT, which could be its final name.

Windows 10 IoT

Windows 10 IoT

The blog states that they are already offering Windows 10 for tiny devices that are used to build IoT projects. The first time we guessed that Microsoft is aiming at taking over the future of IoT was when they announced a special version of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2. Soon after they came up with announcement that Azure will provide developers of Internet of Things’ devices with a special platform so that they can focus solely on development of software instead of cross coding for different platform.

In this way, in short, Azure will provide a system so that the same code can be used on different platform to eliminate code repetition for different platform. The IoT devices created on Azure will run as good on Mac, Android and Linux as they will on Microsoft Windows Operating system.

In another related move, Intel had announced that its Galileo will also support Windows 10. While Intel has its own open source software called MeshCentral for Internet of Things, it will incorporate Windows 10 as the core (as the operating system) so that people using the IoT devices can control them using smartphones and similar tiny devices. Intel Galileo are small boards and IoT ready devices that serve as base for different IoT projects and software.

The announcement from Microsoft in its blog says that the company is investing heavily in the Internet of Things (it can be inferred as investing in the future of Internet of Things). It says that earlier in the Convergence 2015, Satya Nadella had spoken about how Azure will open up for developers of IoT devices. There will be different packages or facilities that will help IoT developers to focus on building on their IoT devices and eliminate unnecessary details, making it easier to developing IoT devices.

It seems Windows 10 IoT will also run on Qualcomm IoT devices as Microsoft says the following in its blog post:

“To address emerging IoT device categories, we are delivering a new version of Windows 10 for small devices that will be free for Makers and commercial device builders and device services to unlock new scenarios. Additionally, through partnerships with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Intel, and Qualcomm,we will provide a range of developer boards Makers and device builders can use to bring Windows 10 devices to life.”

The most important line to be noticed in the blog by Microsoft is that it says Windows 10 IoT will be FREE for makers and commercial device makers. This confirms it beyond doubt that Microsoft is aiming to be the driving factor in the Future of Internet of Things.

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