Microsoft challenges website owners to improve their website’s performance

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  1. This “challenge” by Microsoft is pathetic.
    As a user of IE11, I challenge Microsoft to provide a clear font rendering API instead of the painfully blurry headache inducing text rendering in IE11 (and also Office 2013).

  2. Really? Which one’s? I have tried Firefox, Chrome & Opera, but found IE11 to be the fastest and most secure among them, although it does give some font rendering problems sometimes.

  3. Firefox I found the best as well as Comodo dragon, there are many more besides the 4 you mentioned though. Font rendering is bad on IE I agree

  4. I don’t use IE much at all. Firefox is my browser of choice and its text is perfectly clear.

    However, the blurry text problem affects much more than just IE11.

    If I open a document, email or whatever in Office 2013 I am greeted by the same terrible font rendering (Office 2010 is perfectly clear). That is potentially a much worse problem because I have no choice but to use Office. Fortunately, none of the organisations I work with have adopted Office 2013 yet. I dread the day they do.

    When most competing products provide good clear text rendering, it just doesn’t make any sense for Microsoft to inflict blurry text on its customers.

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