Microsoft’s ConnectTheDots IoT project adds support to Band Sensors

A new update on Microsoft’s open source IoT (Internet of Things) project “ConnectTheDots” brings support to Microsoft Band sensors. Microsoft Open Technologies’ project aims at connecting tiny devices to Microsoft Azure and to provide IoT solutions in coherence with Microsoft Azure advanced analytic services like Azure stream analytics and Azure machine learning.

ConnectTheDots IoT Project


The new update brings support to more sensor data types, including sound and other forms of data from Microsoft Band. ConnectTheDots project contains code samples, guides and configuration scripts that would help developers to set up devices and sensors, configure Microsoft Azure services to view and analyze the data which is produced by connected devices. This IoT project serves as an ideal starting point for developers to try real-time data analytics, start reading data coming from the sensors and to apply machine learning experiments with Azure IoT services.

With the resources available, one could quickly and easily build stuff which talks to cloud with minimal knowledge of Microsoft Azure. For example, to build a simple temperature sensing network using Arduino UNO board with a weather shield, connected to a Raspberry Pi sending data to an Azure website.

Other updates to the project include the addition of new Windows Phone apps, for those who don’t have a maker board can use their phone itself to create IoT solutions. There are two example apps – The first app sends the phone’s sensor data like light/acceleration with options to simulate temperature and humidity data, the second app sends data from a Microsoft Band which is paired with Windows Phone.

ConnectTheDots project is available on GitHub, says

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  1. Loren Estleman

    With our sensor team, we decided against using Windows as it has too many compatibility problems for programs.

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