Mozilla Persona, an Identity System for the Web, launched

Mozilla today launched an authentication service “Mozilla Persona” to improve the way you sign in to different websites. With Persona, you can sign-in to different websites using a single email addresses relieving yourself from the trouble of memorizing and managing several usernames and passwords. You can quickly sign up with Mozilla Persona by just entering your email address and verifying it. Developed by Mozilla, Persona is an open Web platform which keeps the user’s privacy intact.


Features of Mozilla Persona

  • Persona is flexible – You will need just a single password, no matter how many email addresses you are using.
  • Persona protects your privacy- Unlike the other similar services provided by Google, Facebook and Twitter; Mozilla Persona does not track your activity around the web. Your browsing history will be stored only on your computer and not on Persona.

How Mozilla Persona Works

mozilla persona

  • To use Persona, you first have to create an account on the site which is simple and quick.
  • You can login to your Persona account once you verify your email address.
  • Once you are done with signing-up and email verification, you can use it to login to the website which support Mozilla Persona.
  • You can always change the email address you want to use, and moreover you can also save your password if you want to remain signed in that particular website. You can remain signed in just for the current session or for a month.Mozilla Persona remember you

The best part about Mozilla Persona, which makes it different from other such services, is that it focuses on user privacy. The entire communication goes through the browser acting as a proxy between you and the website you want to log in to.

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  1. We liked the flexibility and security it offered and we integrated this simplified authentication system on our social network mitbaby.

    Mozilla Persona may be a great opportunity to increase the conversion rate by reducing the barrier to entry.

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