India’s fight for protecting Net Neutrality against telecom giants gets serious

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  1. I hope what some here in the USA called a triumph for net neutrality…an FCC re-classification of internet services as public communications…won’t just apply to sites and users wholly within the USA; I mean, say i knew of some web site operated by people in India , and a telecom/ISP could still block or charge pirate rates for sites from within India…nice i can have whatever I want within my own country, but why pay more to read TWC, or worse, outright have it blocked in future? I wish India well as it grapples with a sane compromise on corporate interests versus traditional information exchange. Cheers!

  2. I agree with you Dan. To have freedom to surf any damn site should be user’s choice. To protect their own business interest, corporates shouldn’t be allowed to have a free hand.

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