Nokia rates high in customer satisfaction survey, beating Apple, Samsung, HTC

The year 2013 seems to be good news for Nokia. First it was the good reports about Lumia devices being sold out in a few markets and then it was about Windows Phone crossing the very popular iOS and Android in some countries (Nokia accounted for the maximum Windows Phone devices), and now it’s the news about Nokia topping the customer satisfaction survey conducted online.

nokia survey

The online survey asked over 142,000 people about their satisfaction with various brands and Nokia clearly had the upper hand here with highest votes polled in its favor, edging past competitors like Apple, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry and Motorola. This is indeed some reprieve for the Finnish giant amongst the widely pointed-fingers calling their Microsoft deal about Windows Phone a failure. Well, the fact is, it is not.  There is no denying the fact that Nokia has been successful in churning out some of the most beautiful and user-friendly smartphones after their Windows Phone deal.

On a personal level, I have had a great experience at a Nokia Customer Care Centre recently. My Lumia 800 ringer went bonkers so I went to pay them a visit. Surprisingly, after fifteen minutes I was out with a wide smile and a fully-functional phone. The Customer Executive sitting behind the desk explained to me about the fifteen minute Windows Phone rule from Nokia – meaning that customers with Lumia smartphones are given utmost priority and their device is to be cleared within fifteen minutes sharp, irrespective of the problem. Upon flaunting my Windows Phone device on arrival, I was ushered in to the office directly without the need to wait for my token. As a Nokia customer and a Windows Phone owner, I was happy indeed.

Word of mouth surely counts in ensuring good sales. Hope the rest of the year bring more good news for Nokia.

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