Requirements for installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

Apple has published a set of system requirements for installing Windows 7 on Mac’s. Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers are not supplied for these computers and are not supported.

To use Boot Camp with with Windows 7, you need the following:

  • An optical drive (MacBook Air computers require an external optical disc drive to install Windows 7).
  • A blank CD or USB storage device to contain the Windows Drivers created by the Boot Camp Assistant.
  • For 32-bit versions of Windows, at least 16 GB of free space.
  • For 64-bit versions of Windows, at least 20 GB of free space.
  • Boot Camp Assistant, which is pre-installed in /Applications/Utilities/ .
  • An authentic, 32-bit or 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate disc.

Apple’s MacBook Air (Late 2010) and MacBook Pro (Early 2011) computers support 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, or Windows 7 Ultimate.

Details: Apple.

Be sure to install all required firmware updates for your Macbook first!

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