Rethink What The Web Can Be with the brand new Internet Explorer

For the past two years, Internet Explorer has been vigorously innovating and pushing to the extreme levels of creativity in order to make the web experience much faster and perfect. Today, IE launches Rethink, a platform showcasing the efforts which have been put to create groundbreaking experiences such as Red Bull Rampage, Everest: Rivers of Ice and Contre Jour. Through Rethink, IE gives you an opportunity to reinvent creativity by these experiences and more such as the classing Windows 95 game, Hover with 3D graphics.


What is the aim of Rethink

Through Rethink, Microsoft has tried to showcase the origin of the Web and the kind of caliber an advanced browser like Internet Explorer possesses to explore that. IE’s 360 degree approach has covered all modern browsers and device platforms and also came up with the best touch-first browser for tablet users. Their out-of-the-box approach has really made IE make unexpected progress with people rethinking about Internet Explorer. People are now taking it as a challenge to really look at IE with a different mindset altogether. They are making videos, reinventing nostalgia through their IE memories and even giving out thoughts on Internet Explorer!

As far as new-age developers are concerned, yet again, Rethink has a lot in store for them, in terms of exploring new methodologies to make website building simple and efficient. For example, Atari Arcade was helpful in making a much easier CreateJS which enables building web games with HTML5 Canvas. Similarly, Contre Jour proved that JavaScript had the same ability as Objective-C, working around with concepts like polymorphism and more.

Have a look at the Rethink website, which was built with a lot of feedback from the developer community. So, in 2014, we should expect a lot of real-world web standards, some amazing 3D web graphics and touch-first experiences and do not forget joining  Internet Explorer to Rethink What the Web Can Be.

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