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Browser Login Managers are being exploited by Cyber Criminals

Internet users have been exposed to vulnerabilities in browser login managers for over 11 years. It has allowed your saved login data to be extracted by unscrupulous people, to be used for whatever they wish. It follows other revelations in […]

Password Managers found leaking passwords

Popular Password Managers were found leaking passwords

Passwords cannot be easy to remember and tough passwords are difficult to remember. In order to get around this problem most of us usually use a Password Manager which will encrypt and store all of our credentials and will enter […]


Microsoft to ban common passwords

In a bid to boost users’ online security, Microsoft has decided to ban common passwords that look too basic and can be easily decoded by the hackers. The company maintains a database of banned passwords which are insecure and commonly […]

cnbc passwords

CNBC shared your Password with Advertisers

CNBC website silently shared your passwords to third parties, according to reports. CNBC’s blog The Big Crunch, recently published an article “Apple and the construction of secure passwords,” offering tips on how to create a secure password. CNBC shared your […]