Web Browsing now possible on Low-End Mobile Phones

Hewlett Packard Labs India, has launched a new technology via its website SiteonMobile. This technology allows even low-end mobile phones to browse the web.

This new technology allows you to browse the web via SMS and voice services instead of the traditional webpage based browsing.  The company launched this technology especially for the low-end mobile devices, thus allowing even the masses.

SiteonMobile is basically based on Cloud-Computing. Businessmen can utilize this technology to create TaskLets or in simple words, task-based personal web interactions, this ensures that only the important content is delivered rather than delivering all the information on a webpage.

TaskLets can even be accessed through PCs or Laptops, just by clicking on the corresponding widgets on the screen. Rather, the TaskLets can be accessed from any internet enabled device and from anywhere.

Director of HP Labs India, Sudhir Dixit had this to say about the new technology, “About 54 per cent of the phones sold in India are ultra-low-end and less than three per cent are Internet enabled. There is a strong need to deliver the value of Internet experiences on low-end devices used by users in emerging markets like India.”

Check it on SiteonMobile.

The service is currently By Invitation Only!

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