Windows Calculator now available for Android, iOS and the Web

Microsoft has been a massive fan of Open Source for a couple of years, and just like how they developed the Windows Terminal, they also open sourced Windows Calculator. Today it has been made available for Android, iOS and the Web.

Windows Calculator now available for Android, iOS Web

Windows Calculator now available for Android, iOS & on the Web

The calculator has been ported using C# and the Uno Platform to make it work on iOS and Android. On the Web, they are using WebAssemply.  Uno Platform enables the same C# and XAML code to run on the Web, Mobile, and Desktop. Also, it is called Uno Calculator.

The calculator at the first look feels like a simple calculator, but it offers-

  • Scientific mode
  • Programmer mode with multiple bases conversion, shifting operations, and an interactive bit field view
  • Dates calculator,
  • Converters (currency, volume, length, temperature, angles, …)
  • Infinite precision arithmetic operations
  • Ab expression view with parenthesis support,

It also offers a history view with selectable items and an editable memory view.  It is also localized for 65 languages, narrator/voice-over accessibility support, clipboard support, etc.

That’s a lot! You can download it on the respective platforms by following the links:

The web version takes a bit to download and start. I tried it on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and yeah, it’s rather slow. If you are on Windows, it’s better to use the installed version. WebAssembly is work in progress – performance is getting better and better.

Reading the reviews on the Store looks like it’s going to take some time for the app to iron out bugs and increase loading time. So you can give this a try, but wait for better peroming., gesture supported build soon.

The Calculator app on Windows 10 is still the best; but if you chose to uninstall it, you have alternate options.

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