Yahoo starts search engine “make over”, looks to reclaim the #1 spot

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  1. Hey, that’s a real good observation.

    On July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Bing entered in a 10 year deal where Bing would power Yahoo search. As per the deal,Yahoo would get 88% of the revenue from all search ad sales on its site for the first five years. Though Yahoo would still maintain its own user interface, but will eventually feature “Powered by Bing” branding on its search engine.

    There are also humors these days that Yahoo is looking to get out of this deal.

  2. Because it is powered by Bing.

    They use the Bing search engine, just like some use google and others again use Google’s search engine.

    It is not that different form the many games throughout the years, where many games used the ID software Doom 3D machine, later many others used the HalfLife machine.

    It is the way you use the machine, how to filter, sort and present the result.

    Eks. how they use the meta tags in the header from the home pages.

    Here is one of the older problems, where the search pages like AltaVista/Google/Yahoo and Bing had, this is now almost solved, but there are much more in filtering, sorting and presenting the data. And that is properly the most important feature in the search homepage.

    I am pretty sure that if you took made both Goggle and Bing search engines make an identical search they would came up with almost 100% identical results.

  3. You are right to make the point. But if you make identical search in Yahoo,Bing and Google, you will get similar results but not all

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