Cortana Predicts Results Of Premier League Matches

While Microsoft’s search engine Bing is predicting the results of 57th Grammy Awards, company’s digital assistant Cortana is foretelling the result of Premier League Matches. As posted by Katie Stainer on Microsoft’s news blog, Cortana, the virtual assistant of Microsoft can now predict the results of the Premier League Matches.

cortana predicts premier league matches results

Back in November 2014, Microsoft announced the addition of new feature ‘Bing Predicts’ to its search engine followed by the successful predictions of World Cup and Scottish Referendum.

Talking about the new feature of Cortana, Stainer said in the blog post, “We’ve been keeping a close eye on how Bing Predicts performs alongside pundits and betting agencies and we’re faring pretty well so far! Now, starting this week Cortana will bring those Bing Predictions to Windows Phone 8.1, enabling football fans to access Bing’s latest tips at the touch of a button.”

If you are a Windows Phone user, you just need to ask Cortana who will win the upcoming Premier League Match, your very own personal assistant will predict the results based on Bing’s data modelling.

Below are the questions you can ask Cortana:

  • Predict (insert team name) match
  • Who will win the match between (insert team name) and (insert team name)?
  • Will (insert team name) beat (insert team name)?

‘Bing Predictions’ uses the search queries, bygone game results, and other social engagements to predict these results.

Pick up your Windows Phone and see what Cortana predicts about the match between Liverpool and Everton to be played on February 7, 2015. To see more about this weekend’s predictions head over to the blog post.

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