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Microsoft announces MS-DOS Mobile

Today, Microsoft announced a new OS designed for Lumia smartphones named MS-DOS Mobile. Microsoft has also launched preview version of the OS which is available for download on Windows Phone store. In a very surprising move, Microsoft stated that the […]

SadSkyDrive sulks as OneDrive launches

What’s the hardest thing about SkyDriving? Securing a Copyright! Yes, Redmond locked horns with Murdoch but unfortunately lost to him. Even 100 GB of free space failed to appease the Australian American business magnate. What transpired next was the change in […]

Microsoft makes fun of Apple and Siri in new Windows 8 commercial

The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920 advertisement was one of a new kind from Microsoft where it boasts about the advantage of a Windows Phone against competitors’ devices. This slick Windows 8 ad is another where Microsoft takes Apple’s best […]

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Microsoft lampoons VMware in a video

You may have enjoyed the Gmail Man video released by Microsoft meant to poke fun at Gmail. Microsoft has now released a new video the VMLimited Man. This video pokes fun at VMware, a virtualization software company. Welcome to VMLimited – thats tye name […]