Latest Ransomware news.

CryptoLocker variant now spreads via Removable Drives

CryptoLocker, a deadly ransomware, recently added a new member in its family called as WORM_CRILOCK.A. TrendLabs reports that this new variant is far more dangerous than the known CryptoLocker variants as it carries a notable feature of propagation routines. Further […]


New ransomware Locker emerges; copies the CryptoLocker model

Ransomware attacks are the most recent cyber scams found on the Web. This set of malware affect the Windows computer systems and encrypts your files using public-key encryption, and this encryption key remains on the hacker’s server. Hackers then demand […]

Avast demystifies Ransomware tricks & Browser behaviors

Popular security firm Avast has demystified the attack procedure of the ransomware which has been perplexing internet users lately. The said ransomware targets the web-browsers and trick users to believe that FBI has raided their computer. How this ransomware worked […]


Backup is the best defense against Cryptolocker Ransomware, says Microsoft

The incidence of Cryptolocker ransomware is on the rise. Commonly named as Crilock, this malware strain is affecting the Windows computer systems widely – especially in Europe. This ransomware enters your computer network and encrypts your files using public-key encryption, […]

Ransomeware on the rise, especially in Europe, says Microsoft

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) analyses exploit, vulnerabilities, and malware threats using data from Internet services. The report shed some light on the Ransomware topic. Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts complete access to the computer or […]

CryptoLocker Ransomware Authors Raise Ransom Demands

CryptoLocker has become a reason for rising panic among the Microsoft Windows-based computers users for the last few weeks. A malware variant that fits in the ‘ransomware’ category primarily spreads through email attachments where it arrives as an executable file […]